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The Eagles (5-6) travel to Miami to face the Dolphins (2-9) at Hard Rock Stadium.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (5-6)

Thanks to the Cowboys’ home loss to the Bills on Thursday, the Eagles have been handed a golden opportunity to win the NFC East just by handling some of the NFL’s worst teams and finding a way to beat the Cowboys at home. It sounds easy, but it’s tough to have faith right now in this team. Heck, the Eagles and Dolphins are both 2-4 in their last six games. And we’ve seen Ryan Fitzpatrick play well against the Eagles, including last year with Tampa. And I don’t know how the Eagles are going to score with everybody hurt. I'd feel a lot better about this game if I knew Zach Ertz were playing. I don’t think they’re going to blow out the Dolphins, but I do think they’ll find a way. There are two things I’m leaning on: The defense has been legit the last month, and there will be 10,000 Eagles fans in Dawk jerseys Sunday in Hard Rock Stadium. Against this team, that should be enough.

Eagles 23, Dolphins 17

Dave Zangaro (6-5)

Don’t be fooled by the Dolphins’ winning two of their last four games. This team stinks. They’re ranked at or near the bottom in every major statistical category and are dead last in point differential at minus-183. As bad as they’ve been recently, the Eagles should go to Miami and wipe the floor with this team. After the Cowboys lost on Thursday, the Eagles technically don’t need to win this game to make the playoffs, but if they don’t win it, all confidence would and should be gone.


Eagles 26, Dolphins 13

Derrick Gunn (5-6)

The defense is finally healthy but as of late, the offense is in a state of disarray. Injuries have played a big part in the Eagles’ inability to sustain drives and score points. Many are wondering what is wrong with Carson Wentz. His accuracy has been off. He’s turned the ball over too many times. He’s holding the ball too long. All of a sudden, the fan base that was his biggest backer is divided. The defense is playing solid, holding the last four opponents to 17 points or fewer. Reinforcements appear to being coming to the Birds’ offense, especially the right side of the offensive line. At some point this offense has to have a big game and Miami would be a great place for that to happen. The Dolphins, statistically, are putrid, ranked at or near the bottom in key categories on both sides of the ball. Miami is clearly in a rebuilding mode. The Eagles cant afford any more slip-ups. It’s crunch time. Run the ball down the Dolphins’ throats and put this one away by half time.

Eagles 27, Dolphins 10

Ray Didinger (4-7)

The pained look on Jerry Jones' face during Thursday's loss to Buffalo told you all you need to know about the current state of the Dallas Cowboys. They were thoroughly outplayed and, yes, outclassed by a Bills team the Eagles flattened last month in Buffalo.

So for all their injuries and all their shortcomings and despite losing four of their last six games, the Eagles find themselves still alive in the playoff race. The Cowboys should have locked up the NFC East by now but they didn't and the Eagles can move into a tie for first place with a win in Miami on Sunday.

We've seen enough of the Eagles to know better than to take anything for granted but, wow, the Dolphins are really bad.

Eagles 30, Dolphins 10

Andrew Kulp (6-5)

To be honest, I'm not convinced as of this moment the Eagles will sweep the slate of two-win opponents on deck in four of the next five games. I'm not even convinced they'll beat Miami for that matter.

But they should, and not from an "Oh, the Eagles are better than this" perspective, because clearly they're not. It's more so from the standpoint of "Yep, the Dolphins really are that bad."

Miami can't run the football at all, and the Eagles defense is playing strong across the board the last few weeks. Not sure Wentz and the boys will light up the scoreboard, exactly, but they should be able to do enough to squeak by.


Eagles 30, Dolphins 16

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