Eagles fan calls into WIP from hospital, blames Roseman


Football fans are a notoriously rabid bunch, probably the most aggressive sports fans in the United States, but Eagles fans are simply a different breed. 

Case in point: the Eagles *won* on Sunday against the Panthers, and one fan still got so angry during the game that he passed out and was taken to the hospital. And then on Monday morning, while still in the hospital, he called into 94.1 WIP to yell about the Eagles.

Different. Breed.

The guy in question, who goes by the radio moniker "Lunatic Jack", called into Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team on Monday, a little before 7:30 A.M., with bones to pick over Nick Sirianni's playcalling. His conversation with Cataldi was one for the record books.

You can scrub back to the interaction at the 7:25:25 mark on WIP's website, but here's the majority of the exchange transcribed:

"JACK: Angelo, I'm in the hospital.

"CATALDI: No! What happened?

"JACK: These Eagles are driving me crazy.

"CATALDI: No, are you actually in the hospital right now?

"JACK: I'm calling you from my room right now.

"CATALDI: Alright, what happened? I need the nature of your ailment. 

"JACK: I got so sad, I screamed and yelled just like you did, and I popped - I passed out. That's what happened.


"CATALDI: No way. This is too good. Jack, what caused you to pass out? What moment?

"JACK: The same play that you just talked about. 

"CATALDI: 2nd & 2. The sack and then the next sack.

"JACK: I'm sick and tired of all this 'Dawg mentality, we're going to get it right.' What the hell have they been working on for the last six weeks? C'mon. This is no good. His offensive coordinator doesn't know what he's doing, and the defensive coordinator - they had a good game, but he's not high on my list either. Something's gotta change here.


"CATALDI: Jack, back up. I want to make sure I understand the impact of this incredible story. So you're watching the game, they don't run on that play, they get the sack. You lose your mind, and you go insane. You have a heart episode, the ambulance comes, rushes you to the hospital, and you're in the cardiac wing, don't even know the Eagles actually won the game. Is that the story?

"JACK: I'm gonna send the bill to Howie Roseman.

"CATALDI: You can't send the bill to Howie Roseman! [laughs]"


If nothing else is true, we can at least confirm from this conversation that the Lunatic Jack nickname is completely correct.

I also love Jack trying to make a point about defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, who was lambasted heading into Sunday's game, before remembering the Eagles' defense actually had a great outing in Week 5. So he pivots to, "they had a good game, but [Gannon's] not high on my list either." Good save, Jack.

Hopefully Jack feels better soon and is cleared to go home, so he can gear up for Thursday Night Football against the Buccaneers.

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