Fan gives account of falling to field, just missing Hurts


By now you’ve seen the videos of Eagles fans crashing through the collapsing stands at FedExField and narrowly missing Jalen Hurts.

It was a scary incident that could have ended in a complete disaster.

Instead, it became a viral moment that showed the passion of Eagles fans and the calm demeanor of the team’s quarterback.

One of those fans who ended up on the field, just missing Hurts, was on the WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi on Monday morning and gave his first-hand account of the moment.

“You’re giving me nightmares again,” Andrew Collins said, when asked about just how close he landed to Hurts. “It was too close for comfort, I’ll tell you that. I think I smelled the deodorant he was wearing.”

You can see Collins to Hurts’ right after the collapse. He’ swearing a green Eagles hat and is talking to the Eagles quarterback.

What did Hurts have to say?

“He just kept repeating over and over again, ‘Oh my God, are you OK? Oh my God, are you OK?’” Collins said. “And that’s all he was worried about, was whether or not we were OK.”

Collins said after Hurts made sure he was safe, he gifted him his gloves, which you can also see in the video.

“I’m just happy everybody is safe from it,” Hurts said during his postgame press conference. “It’s crazy. It’s crazy stuff right there. That was a really dangerous situation. I’m just so happy that everybody bounced back from it. Passionate Eagles fans. I love it.”


While Collins was OK after the fall, he did claim one of his friends suffered a broken hand in the incident.

On Sunday evening, the Washington Football Team released a statement:

Collins on Monday morning disputed the part of the statement that said everyone involved was “offered onsite medical evaluation.” Collins said the team “offered zero medical help.”

When Collins and his friends got on the railing after the conclusion of the game — their seats were 15 rows up — he said they immediately felt unsafe about the flimsy stands. And with a crowd behind him, a push came that sent them hurling toward the field.

Collins said it’s a story he’ll tell his grandkids one day. It’s safe to say he’ll be a lifelong Jalen Hurts fan … not that he wasn’t already.

“You know what’s funny, I’ve been riding with him since the actual day we drafted him,” Collins said. “This doesn’t change anything for me. I still think he’s the guy even before all this. I’m a huge Hurts fan. I’m on board.”

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