The scene at Eagles fans' first game back got ugly fast


Eagles fans were back at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon for the first time since January. 

If you were worried that Philly had lost its edge during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and would just be glad to be back in the stadium, guess what:

Eagles fans are still Eagles fans.

The Birds put together a truly miserable first half against the Ravens on Sunday, and entered the locker room down 17-0 after two quarters with less than 100 yards of offense. 

This was clearly not what fans were hoping for when they shelled out money for the limited tickets, so in true Philly fashion the Eagles received some heavy boo birds as they left the field at halftime:


Even in front of a limited crowd, those are some voracious boos. Can you imagine how loud the Linc would've been at full capacity on Sunday? 

It's a tough situation for all sides, because fans certainly have the right to voice their frustrations. The Eagles are largely playing boring, uninspired football season, and failing to turn it up a notch in front of your first home crowd of the year is extremely disappointing.

From the Eagles' standpoint, of course, the offense is decimated by injuries - offensive line in particular - which makes staying in games against good teams like the Ravens almost impossible.

It's been an ugly year all around, and if things don't get fixed, you can expect to hear more of these boos at the Linc for the rest of the season.