Fly, Eagles fans, fly. 


It shouldn’t surprise you that Eagles fans are taking over Tennessee in preparation for Sunday’s meeting with the Titans, but this flight took things to a whole different level. 

According to a post on her social media, one flight attendant said that the 175 Eagles fans on her flight to Nashville were so rowdy that they completely wiped the airplane of all its liquor. 

Not to mention there apparently was a nonstop chorus of the Eagles' fight song on what probably was a two-hour flight. We’re sorry to Rachel, the patient flight attendant, but since she is also a Titans fan, we’re not that sorry.

Check out her selfie and alcohol stash from the airplane with all of the Eagles fans aboard, complete with green lights along the airplane’s interior. 


It turns out that even Mike Vrabel, head coach of the Titans, is nervous about just how many Eagles fans will be taking the short trip to Nashville. 

Well buckle up, Vrabel, it looks like some alcohol-fueled Eagles fans are on their way to wreak havoc in Tennessee. 


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