What's your earliest memory of hating Cowboys?


After learning their ABCs and counting to 10, toddlers in Philadelphia are taught how to hate the Dallas Cowboys. In keeping with the venom that comes with the Dallas Week spirit, NBC Sports Philly took to Twitter to see Birds fans' earliest memories of hating Dallas.

Some fans took a strict biological approach to the prompt.

Others credit their Eagles-loving parents.

Must be rough for your dad to be a Dallas fan. Poor kid.

Some can pinpoint maybe the pinnacle of the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry: the 1980 NFC Championship Game.

I can't blame these people below: it's because of bandwagon Dallas fans.

As for me, it's definitely a family thing. My dad loves to say, "You're a third-generation Cowboys-hater." My earliest specific memory of watching the Eagles take on the Cowboys, as someone who was born in 1994, is 2002. I was at my grandparents' house with my dad when the Eagles blew the doors off Dallas 44-13. Donovan McNabb had four total touchdowns and I never looked back.

Maybe this Sunday brings out another whole generation of Philadelphians who love to hate the Cowboys.