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Eagles finally removing Wentz banner from the Linc

Eagles Insider

Carson Wentz has been gone from Philly for 4½ months. Pretty soon his likeness will be gone as well.

The Eagles are planning in the coming weeks to finally take down the massive Wentz banner that’s been hanging from the side of the Linc, visible for everybody driving up and down I-95, passengers sitting on the right side of planes landing at Philly Airport and anyone driving up Broad Street from the Navy Yard.

The Eagles traded Wentz to the Colts on Feb. 18 and the trade became official a month later at the start of the official league year.

Because it was Wentz who no longer wanted to play in Philadelphia and essentially forced the Eagles to unload him after a miserable 2020 season, Eagles fans have grown increasingly agitated that the giant Wentz banner — showing him about to throw a pass — remained long after Wentz departed.

Wentz is the poster child for the Eagles' terrible 4-11-1 season last year, and with a new coach, a new quarterback and a new beginning, nobody wants to be reminded on a daily basis of a former first-round pick who made $79 million as an Eagle and ultimately turned his back on the franchise.

But these things do take time. You can’t just have a couple workers climb up the side of a stadium and yank the thing down. 

A team spokesman said Thursday “new stadium artwork is currently in production” and will replace the Wentz banner before training camp, which starts on July 27.


The spokesman declined to say what will replace the Wentz banner but it’s safe to say an image of an iconic moment from Super Bowl LI or the parade or an image commemorating some of the all-time Eagles greats who are still with the team — Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce — would make sense.

The team spokesman said fans can expect a new banner in “mid-to-late July.”

The actual banner removal process has not yet begun. There has been a crane set up near the banner, but that was for workers painting steel on the side of the stadium.

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