Eagles franchise value: Top 10 in NFL, but low in NFC East


Despite the unavoidable impact COVID-19 will have on the upcoming season, the National Football League is an enormous money-generator, and the average franchise is worth billions.

But not all NFL franchises are built the same, and a new valuation of all 32 teams by Sportico released this week takes a look at just how valuable each franchise is.

The Eagles? Turns out they're not a top-tier franchise in terms of dollar signs, but they're certainly in the conversation.

The Birds ranked eighth in the league in revenue at $536 million, and ninth in total value at $3.35 billion, as of February 2020, according to Sportico's valuation. The website's analysis takes into account national and local revenue, sponsorship deals, team-related businesses and real estate, and more.

(For what it's worth, Jeff Lurie bought the Eagles for $195 million in 1994. Talk about an investment.)

Here's the league's Top 5 in overall value:

1. Dallas Cowboys ($6.43 billion) 2. New England Patriots ($4.97 billion) 3. Los Angeles Rams ($4.1 billion) 4. New York Giants ($4 billion) 5. New York Jets ($3.7 billion)

Interestingly enough, while they're Top 9 in the league in total value, the Eagles are dead last in the NFC East, meaning the division is far and away the most valuable division in football, even if it's not the best.

The Cowboys rank first in total value by a wide margin over No. 2 New England; the Giants rank fourth; and the Washington Football Team ranks seventh at $3.58 billion. Then you have the Eagles at ninth. Two other divisions have a pair of teams in the Top 10 - the AFC East and the NFC West - but the NFC East clearly reigns supreme.


And the disparity is even larger in terms of revenue, where all four NFC East teams land in the Top 8 - Dallas No. 1, Giants No. 3, Washington No. 5, and the Eagles No. 8 - and no other division has more than one team in the Top 10.

It apparently pays (literally) to have America's Team, and then three other teams located in the Northeast, in one division.

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