Hurts explains letter he sent to Washington about railing collapse


Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts on Tuesday sent a letter to the Washington Football Team and NFL officials in an attempt to avoid future incidents like the one that happened at FedExField on Sunday afternoon.

Following the Eagles’ 20-16 win over Washington, Hurts was walking through the tunnel, when 8-10 fans fell toward him as the railing on the stands partially collapsed.

Hurts, 23, walked away uninjured, but the incident could have been much more severe for him and the fans.

“I tried to handle the situation with a lot of poise and some compassion for the people that fell down, really,” Hurts said on Tuesday. “But I know it could have been so much worse. And it kind of didn’t hit me until after the fact, having some time to reflect on it and think about it.”

Here’s a copy of that letter:

On Sunday, Washington released a statement saying those fans who fell onto the field were offered on-site medical evaluations.

Several of those fans publicly refuted that part of the statement to ESPN

“I just wanted to see what could be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Hurts said. “That’s all I really care about. That’s a very tragic incident and it could have been much worse, much, much worse. But I just don’t want it to happen again.”


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