Eagles' Jamon Brown shouldn't be ripped for postgame photo with Lamar Jackson


Eagles guard Jamon Brown had a rough debut Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. He was part of an offensive line that allowed six sacks of Carson Wentz, and 16 (!) quarterback hits in the team's 30-28 loss.

You would think Brown and the rest of the O-line would beat a hasty retreat off the field after that performance. Instead, Brown sought out Ravens QB Lamar Jackson for a quick chat and a photo op.


Brown and Jackson were teammates at the University of Louisville for the 2015 season. We know Eagles fans don’t prefer to see their players smiling and laughing after a loss, much less fraternizing with an opposing player who just handed them an L. But the players are human beings, after all. If you were playing against one of your friends, you would catch up with them once the game ended, right?

Of course you would. No matter how the game went, win or lose, you’d catch up with your buddy, probably hug, and move on with your life.

So before we rip Brown for sharing a moment with the guy that just carved up your team’s defense, remember that NFL players aren’t action figures. They’re people, just like you.