Eagles veterans defend Jalen Hurts after blowout


Jalen Hurts was hard on himself after the game. 


He put the blame squarely on his own shoulders, and he did it about 20 times when he spoke after the Eagles’ 41-21 embarrassment in Dallas Monday night.   

“I didn’t do my job,” he said repeatedly. “I will say that, it is probably going to be my answer to all of these questions. I didn’t do my job. I didn’t do my job and we didn’t win the game. …

“Play calling was not an issue in the game. I was the issue in this game.”   

You have to admire Hurts’ accountability, but the reality is that he was not the only problem Monday night. 

Far from it.    

Play calling was an issue. Execution was an issue. Pass blocking was an issue. Penalties were an issue. The defense not being able to stop the Cowboys was an issue.

And Hurts’ veteran teammates wanted to make sure it was clear that it wasn’t just Hurts. 

Nobody played well.

“Obviously, we all know that’s not true,” Jason Kelce said when asked about Hurts’ comments. “When you get beat like that, it’s everybody. Losses like that don’t happen just because of one guy.”

Hurts wound up throwing for 326 yards and a couple second-half touchdowns, but the reality is that this game was over after Trevon Diggs’ 59-yard pick-6 a minute into the third quarter. It was his first pick-6 as a pro, it was a pass he never should have thrown, it was his second interception of the game and it gave Dallas a 27-7 lead.


Everything that happened after that was just stat padding.

But as much as Hurts struggled, he didn’t get a whole lot of help. From his teammates or coaches. 

“Jalen’s 23 years old and everyone’s acting like it’s his fault,” Zach Ertz said. “Jalen’s a great player, he’s going to be a great player for a long time in this league. As an offense, we’ve got to all play up to our abilities and everything will be all right.”

After a stellar opener in Atlanta, Hurts has struggled to find consistency in his game the last two weeks. He’s made a number of “wow” plays but hasn’t made enough routine plays.

But that’s definitely not the only reason the Eagles have lost their last two games after a win in Atlanta.

They aren’t a well-coached team right now, they’re not a disciplined team right now, they’re not a smart team right now.

Hurts knows that the only way the Eagles have a chance to climb out of this is if he shows accountability and leadership.

Which hasn’t always been the case around here with the quarterback after poor performances.

“That is the way you would expect Jalen Hurts to feel,” Kelce said. “Bottom line is, leaders, really good players, ultimately feel they control the situation. Especially at the quarterback position. 

“We have to play much, much better across the board. But that is also the mindset you want Jalen Hurts to have, even though it is clearly not the case.”

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