McCown could get shot at coaching sooner than expected


The Eagles signed 41-year-old Josh McCown to serve as the team's emergency quarantine quarterback earlier this year, an unusual role necessitated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A big part of his role, presumably, is serving as a quasi-coach in the Eagles' QB room every week.

According to execs around the league, McCown's time coaching is just getting started.

It's not too surprising, but per CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, some top NFL decision makers think McCown could become a head coach in the league within five years - and maybe even sooner.

Here's what La Canfora has heard:

"As shocking as it sounds to talk about a current NFL player as a head-coaching candidate in short order, several current and former execs I've talked to who have been around McCown believe that he could be an NFL head coach within five years of retiring from the game, perhaps sooner. He could have a job as a quarterback coach right now if he wanted it, some execs told me, and would be on a fast track to quickly move to a coordinator role and, with success there, be a head coach within a year or two."

That would indeed be a fast track! But it doesn't sound impossible. The guy has been in the league since 2002, across 11 different organizations. He's learned more than your average NFL quarterback.

If the entire league is high on McCown, it's helpful for the Eagles to already have him in the building (well, on the Zoom call, but same thing). It'd be nice if they could make use of the established relationship and try to get him onto their coaching staff... maybe as soon as next season?


The idea was reportedly already floated this past offseason, when the Eagles discussed a coaching role with McCown.

And I don't want to ring any bells just yet, but there might be a few openings in the Eagles' offensive coaching hierarchy when this season's over. The first three weeks have been a complete mess. If the team continues on this path, someone like passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Press Taylor could have a tough time arguing that he should stick around.

You can bet Doug Pederson wouldn't be hesitant to add someone who, to this point, only has high school coaching on his resume.