Eagles gear up for 'the most dangerous player in the league'


The Eagles' defense allowed 38 points to the Steelers, a team that features a quarterback with the mobility of a glacier in a coma.

Sunday, they'll face Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, who set an NFL record last year by rushing for 1,206 yards.

This could be problematic.

Jackson, who also led the NFL with 36 TD passes last season, has made 27 career starts. He has seven carries or more in 25 of them. 

He's a cheat code in cleats.

"Lamar Jackson is probably the most dangerous player in the league because there are times you can do everything right on defense and can't catch him," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said Tuesday.

"I think that you've got to have a resilient attitude when you play him, and you know that a playmaker like him is going to make some plays. You just have to limit his big plays, and you have to stay resilient. You can't hang your hat if he ends up making a play."

The Eagles' defense has done a decent job of getting to the quarterback this season. They rank third in the NFL with 18 sacks through five games. But they certainly face a tall order Sunday in corralling Jackson.

They sacked Washington's Dwayne Haskins, another mobile QB, three times in Week 1. But Haskins is definitely not Lamar Jackson.

Will the Eagles commit a spy to attempt to limit the MVP's big plays on the ground?

"That's something a lot of people do," Schwartz said. "We've done it in the past against different quarterbacks. ... There's a lot of ways to try to battle scrambling quarterbacks or guys with legs. You can blitz. You can play visual zone where you have a lot of eyes on him. You can play man with spies. There's a lot of different ways to be able to handle that.


"I think that's a little bit underestimated with Lamar Jackson. Everybody talks about him scrambling. A lot of times on third down, he's more just buying time. He's using his arm. He's finding guys that are wide open because of the stress it puts on the defense with him buying time back there."

Jackson puts stress on an entire defense. We will see how the Eagles handle that stress at the Linc Sunday.