Lane Johnson fires back at report questioning Sirianni through anonymous sources


A day after Lane Johnson made some media rounds and gave a very positive early review of head coach Nick Sirianni, a report surfaced claiming his view on the new head coach is not shared by all of his teammates.

And Johnson isn’t having it.

On NFL Network (the same channel where Johnson made those glowing remarks), former NFL player Michael Robinson said he knows some Eagles players are skeptical of the first-year head coach.

"I'm not going to say any names, but I know some guys in that locker room who question this guy and they question he can truly lead this team," Robinson said. "And me personally, my personal thoughts on it, is that maybe Howie Roseman wanted to put somebody, a yes man, in the head coaching position. Because Doug Pederson didn't want to do things all the way his way. And so he wanted to get a yes man in there. At least, that's what it looks like to me."

After watching the Eagles deal with plenty of leaks and anonymously-sourced stories over the last few years, Johnson has had enough.

Remember, Sirianni hasn’t yet coached a game and the Eagles didn’t even have official OTAs or a mandatory minicamp this spring. So if some players are questioning him, they’re doing so before Sirianni has led even one mandatory practice.


Whenever there’s a story like this, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of different people with different viewpoints in an NFL locker room. Right now, there are 90 guys on the team. So the idea that all 90 are going to be completely sold on the new head coach is very wishful thinking.

For what it’s worth, players have spoken very highly of Sirianni in interviews and that includes some players who played for him in Indianapolis. At least Johnson seems to really like the new head coach.

As a reminder, here’s what Johnson said about Sirianni on NFL Network on Monday morning:

"First thing that he came in and did was he took great command of the team. I think he created a lot of energy. Every day's fun. During practice there's always some type of competition period. Sometimes even the coaches get out there and compete too, so that's what I like about it. Going into the building, man, it's been really cool. But right now, we're learning a new offense, we're trying to get that going, and that's really where we're at. But so far, he's taken great command of the team and he commands a lot of respect."

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