Why Lane Johnson is impressed with Sirianni's 'command'


The first year as a new head coach is never an easy path, but in Nick Sirianni's case he's inheriting a team that was unexpectedly awful in 2020, parted ways with its Super Bowl head coach and once-MVP-caliber franchise quarterback in a single offseason, and has uncertainty all over the roster - oh, and his team plays in a sports-crazed city.

So it's understandable that some Eagles fans might be a little wary of whether the first-time head coach is up to the task.

But according to Lane Johnson, the new guy is showing he's got what it takes. (At least, so far.)

Johnson joined NFL Network's Good Morning Football to chat about his offseason, training camp as things start to gear up, and what he's seen from the new faces in the organization this summer.

For anyone worried about Sirianni's ability to lead a team, Johnson's take on his new head coach should assuage those concerns:

"First thing that he came in and did was he took great command of the team. I think he created a lot of energy. Every day's fun. During practice there's always some type of competition period. Sometimes even the coaches get out there and compete too, so that's what I like about it. Going into the building, man, it's been really cool. But right now, we're learning a new offense, we're trying to get that going, and that's really where we're at. But so far, he's taken great command of the team and he commands a lot of respect."


Maybe that's just a veteran toeing the company line, but when the first thing out of Johnson's mouth was Sirianni's "command" of the team? That's a great sign. He needs to put his fingerprints on this team fast if he wants to avoid being just another NFL head coach, especially following a franchise legend like Doug Pederson, and it sounds like Sirianni's already found a groove in the building. You can't ask for much more in July.

Oh, and just in case you think Johnson's quote about Sirianni was a little too rose-colored and things are all chipper down at the NovaCare Complex, here was Johnson's brusque analysis of the 2020 season:

"Last year was an embarrassment for everyone involved, and we're looking forward and we're ready to change that."

Ah, okay then! That's a man with a chip on his shoulder, who's ready to remind the NFL the Eagles aren't supposed to be a four-win team.

Things might not be smooth all year - in fact, I'll go so far as to guarantee they won't be - but this season is absolutely going to be extremely entertaining. New head coach, vets with something to prove, young guys ready to show out. It's all there for the taking. 

Eagles training camp starts July 27, and the preseason starts Aug. 12.

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