Lane Johnson shares his favorite hilarious Kelce story


It’s hard to believe but Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce have been teammates for a decade now as they enter the 2022 season.

Playing on the same line for nine seasons already, the two all-time Eagles greats have become very good friends over the last 10 years.

So it’s not a surprise that when asked for his favorite story about Kelce, Johnson had one ready to go.

Johnson was on The Rich Eisen Show last week to talk about some of his new teammates, the 2022 draft and plenty of other topics but the highlight of the appearance was when Eisen asked Johnson for a favorite Kelce story.

After giving it a brief thought, Johnson came up with one he could share:

“I don’t think you’ll get mad at this one. I’m a rookie, Chip Kelly’s the coach, we’re doing walkthrough in the indoor (practice facility). And the linemen, we’re in our own section blocking on buckets, looking at different defenses. So they called for him during the walkthrough and I had his helmet under one of the trash cans and it takes him about 5 minutes to find it. He’s throwing them, he’s flipping them. And the coach is telling him, ‘come on, what are you doing?’ And he sees me laughing so he knows I’m the culprit behind it. So he runs at me full speed and tries to Pat McAfee punt me in the private area. He misses, he hits my knee cap. He thinks he breaks his foot and he leaves practice to go get an MRI on it the same day.”


Luckily, the Eagles got good news from that MRI in 2013. While Kelce missed the rest of that practice, the extent of the injury was a bruised foot.

The amazing thing is this isn’t the only practice story involving Kelce and those pesky trash cans. You might remember when Kelce let his temper get the best of him during practice in 2017.

In addition to telling that gem of a Kelce story, Johnson was also asked about the team’s acquisition of A.J. Brown and called his new teammate a “physical specimen.” He even compared Brown’s body type to former NFL great Andre Johnson.

Speaking of physical freaks, Lane Johnson is also pretty impressed by first-round pick Jordan Davis and he’s pretty happy he won’t have to block Davis too much during practice. Johnson didn’t watch Davis’s incredible combine performance live but when he heard about it, he found the video.

“It was unbelievable seeing somebody run that fast at that size,” Johnson said to Eisen. “It’s unheard of. And just his physical presence, man, that’s a guy that can clog both A gaps, can play the nose, can probably play all over. Very versatile. I think he’s just going to complement what we already have [inside] with Javon Hargrave and Fletcher Cox.”

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