Eagles last game of season creates top-5 moment in Philly sports social media

USA Today Images

What a clunker of a season. 

Once that play clock finally ran out of time, there was a collective sigh of relief across the Delaware Valley ... it was finally over. Little did we know at the time, that the night was just beginning on social media. 

Seriously, it quickly jumped from good, to great, to probably a top-five moment in Philly sports Twitter history. 

(Honorable mentions in that unofficial ranking also include the Bryan Colangelo burner, Flyers beating the Bruins in Game 7 in 2010, days following the Super Bowl win and the 10-72 Sixers almost beating the Warriors in 2016.) 

Now, a quick recap to catch you up to speed: 

  • The Giants went 0-5 to start their season
  • They were also 0-3 leading up to Week 17
  • New York then beat the Cowboys and had to put their chances of making the playoffs in the fate of the Eagles' hands
  • Doug Pederson decides to sit Jalen Hurts a little over halfway through the game to let Nate Sudfeld get some reps - something that was noted earlier in the week - so, it was expected 
  • Giants players were outraged 
  • Washington wins, therefore winning the NFC Least ... oh sorry, East 
  • The Eagles lock up the sixth pick in the NFL draft, while still sending another division team packing

And now, here comes the fun part - the social reactions: 

This really was the best possible scenario.

There was, however, one single thing that could have made this loss even better ... 

At least we ended the season laughing ... aside from, ya know, the Giants.