Eagles leaders reportedly held meeting with Pederson about accountability


After the Eagles lost to Seattle on Monday night, a group of team leaders had an “impromptu” meeting with head coach Doug Pederson, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Carson Wentz, Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce and other leaders reportedly stayed late after the 23-17 loss to the Seahawks and one of the main topics of conversation was accountability.

According to Rapoport, “They preached accountability and taking responsibility for their actions, how urgent the situation had become and how necessary it was to turn it around.”

Then those same leaders held a players-only meeting on Wednesday.

During the week, Graham actually praised Wentz for holding himself accountable in a team setting and then on Friday, Pederson indicated that accountability is something he had previously stressed with the franchise quarterback.

“It was good to see, and the conversations that he and I have had over the last month have hopefully spurred him in the right direction,” Pederson said.

Of course, accountability is great to have but it’s already Week 13 and the Eagles are deep in a hole. Maybe everyone being accountable for their mistakes will help turn the season around, but it’s also very possible this team just isn’t good enough.

The Eagles have lost all three games since the bye week and are 3-7-1 heading into a really tough game at Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon.

According to NFL Network, there are people inside the NovaCare Complex who fear Pederson’s job may be in jeopardy. During Tuesday’s press conference, Pederson was asked for the first time about his job security.


“Listen, I've been around this league a long time, 25 years I believe as a player and a coach, and we're always based on and evaluated on our performance,” Pederson said. “Right now, that's obviously not my concern as far as that decision goes. That's out of my hands. But what's in my hands and in my control is getting the team prepared and ready for Green Bay this weekend.

“So, I'm not going there mentally. I'm looking forward to playing again this week, getting back on the grass tomorrow with the players, and getting ready for Green Bay.”

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