With regular season winding down, Eagles finally reveal their identity


After playing 14 games, the 2019 Eagles have finally revealed their identity: 

This is a majorly flawed team that doesn’t give up. 

They don’t have a dynamic offense. They don’t have a stout defense. It seems like when one unit plays well, the other doesn’t. And you can add special teams into that mix as well. 

It can be frustrating as hell to watch and this isn’t what anyone signed up for, but you have to watch to the end. 

Right now, on any given day, the Eagles are a team that’s trying to figure out the best way to win each and every game because they’re not talented enough to dictate the way the games are played. 

Malcolm Jenkins summed it up well: 

As a team, we gotta do whatever it takes to win. Every week, that’s going to take a different form based on the opponent, based on the situation. We don’t have the luxury of being a defensive team that’s going to be super, super stingy and the offense only needs to get 17 points. We don’t know. But we know when we step on the field, we’re going to compete and give ourselves a chance to win.

Credit players and coaches for fighting. They haven’t given up on Doug Pederson or themselves or the season. That’s to be admired. 

But this is a team that still needs a major facelift this offseason. Even a playoff run won’t change that and the front office can’t get fooled. No matter what happens, they should have never been in this position. 


Now that they are, though, it’s at least going to be fun to have an important game against the Cowboys in Week 16 that might end up being for the division title … despite how both teams arrived here at 7-7. 

At this point in the year, there’s nothing the Eagles can do except roll with it and make the most of the opportunity they have left. 

Shortly after Jenkins spoke on Sunday night, Jason Kelce talked about identity on the offensive side of the locker room. 

“We’re the Philadelphia Eagles,” Kelce said. “I don’t really like trying to pigeonhole yourself into an identity. I think that if you look at most of the best offenses, they do a good job of keeping things diverse. I think that we have an offensive line that is not only powerful but is athletic as well. We can attack a defense in a number of ways. I think one of the great things about this offense and Doug’s playbook is you’ve seen the ability to adapt to crazy circumstances the last three years.”

The Eagles play hard and in the last couple of weeks, we’ve learned that Carson Wentz is the type of quarterback who can rise to the occasion with games on the line. That’s important. 

This team’s identity is far from that of the Super Bowl contender we thought they were and far from that of one we thought would be a clear-cut playoff team. But here we are. And having a flawed team that’s still fighting is better than having one that lies down.  

In Week 16, it’s fair to say the Cowboys are probably the more talented team. But the identity of these Eagles should prevent them from going down without a fight. 

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