Despite the Eagles’ having a 1-3-1 record, Howie Roseman might not be able to help himself.

The NFL’s Nov. 3 trade deadline is rapidly approaching and with the NFC East remaining very winnable, the Eagles are reportedly interested in being buyers again at this year’s deadline.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Eagles GM Howie Roseman “has already sent signals to multiple teams that he is interested in acquiring some of their talent if they are open to it.”

As a reminder, the Eagles have made a trade before the deadline in each of the last three years. And in each of those trades, the Eagles’ sent a mid-round pick elsewhere to bring in a player:

2017: Acquired Jay AJayi for 2018 fourth-round pick

2018: Acquired Golden Tate for 2019 third-round pick

2019: Acquired Genard Avery for 2021 fourth-round pick

"Howie is on the prowl already," an unnamed NFL GM said to La Canfora. "He's looking for action. If there is a trade to be made he'll do it. Bringing in a free agent from the outside is tougher now and more risky with COVID, and he loves to make trades anyway. I'll bet you anything he gets something done before the deadline."

There’s a very real chance the Eagles could be 1-4-1 after today’s home game against the Ravens but it’s likely even that outcome wouldn’t stop Roseman if he’s already in on being a buyer at the deadline. The Eagles haven’t gotten off to a good start but the NFC East is very winnable and they’ll likely be in the race all year.


In fact, after today’s game, the Eagles’ next three games are within the division: Giants, Cowboys, Giants. The biggest competition this year is obviously the Cowboys, who already lost Dak Prescott for the season. The Eagles still have both games against the Cowboys on their schedule.

Even though the Eagles are behind the Cowboys in the standings, FiveThirtyEight actually gives the Eagles a better chance (47% to 33%) to win the division.

This is a strange year where you could make a case that the Eagles could be buyers or sellers. On one hand, the NFC East is up for grabs. But on the other, even if the Eagles win the division, what’s the ceiling? Are the Eagles really willing to give up a draft pick for a first-round exit?

Those are the tough questions Roseman will have to ask. But if this reporting holds true, he just might not be able to help himself.