Sirianni shares his keys for preparing on a short week


Nick Sirianni was fired up.

The Eagles released the video of his postgame speech in Carolina to prove it.

“We put too much into this not to freaking love this right here! Unbelievable team win! Un-freaking-belieavable!”

Then Sirianni paused and his voice returned to normal.

“Now, we got a short week,” he said, coming back to earth.

His players chuckled at the juxtaposition; but they get it too. Because as great as it felt to break a three-game losing streak with a come-from-behind 21-18 win over the Panthers, the reigning Super Bowl Champions and the greatest quarterback in NFL history will be in Philadelphia in just a few days.

That will snap you out of celebration mode pretty quick.

“We’ve got four days,” Sirianni told his players. “We gotta get our bodies right in four days. We gotta be here mentally, ready to go out and build on this.”

The Eagles were incredibly successful on Thursday Night Football under Sirianni’s predecessor Doug Pederson. They won all six Thursday games during his tenure as Eagles head coach.

But there are definitely some keys to preparing on a short week.

Sirianni shared some of them on Monday afternoon.

“It's to make sure you're keeping things simple,” Sirianni said, “and not getting too complicated. Because you're not going to have the live reps of doing things you're going to do in games. So, keep things simple. Keep it to things that guys can learn and execute that you've been executing all year. But then again, also be able to attack them enough where you're going after the style of defense they are.


“So, there's always a happy medium in that. But definitely just be able to do things that we can execute, knowing that we don't have a lot of time to get ready for this game.”

The Eagles will be focusing on mentally preparing for this game while letting their bodies rest. This week will be all walkthroughs so the Eagles can get their “legs back underneath” them.

That means there will be an added emphasis on mental reps and work in the meeting rooms.

The good news for the Eagles is that a lot of the legwork in this preparation is already completed. NFL teams advance scout opponents for these 

situations. Sirianni explained the Eagles’ process back in September as a Sunday game after a Monday Night Game loomed.

“The guys that are calling the game, I just think they've got to be completely focused in on this game and this game only,” he said. “But not everybody is calling the game, as we know.”

While Sirianni and his main coaches were locked in on Carolina last week, there were some on staff getting an early look at the Bucs.

What those coaches saw on tape will undoubtedly be a very tough test for the Eagles. The Bucs returned all their Super Bowl starters from the 2020 season, are off to a fast 4-1 start and Tom Brady, even at age 44, looks as good as ever.

“It’s going to be a challenge on a short week against obviously the defending Super Bowl champs,” Sirianni said, “but sure glad it's at our place and sure glad that we've got our fans here to support us and we look forward to the challenge that lies ahead on Thursday night.”

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