I hope you didn’t put those dog masks in storage yet. You’re gonna need them again. 

Because less than two weeks from the start of the regular season, the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds are dropping. They’re now the fifth favorite in the NFL to win Super Bowl LIII and the third favorite in the NFC, according to Bovada. 


Patriots: 6/1

Rams: 17/2

Vikings: 19/2

Steelers: 19/2

Eagles: 10/1

The Eagles fell to 10/1 after they were 8/1 on May 1; back then, they were behind just the Patriots. While the Eagles fell, the Steelers, Vikings and Rams all jumped them. 

It’s not hard to figure out why there are some questions about the Eagles right now. They have injuries to several key players, including, of course, Carson Wentz. There’s still some doubt about whether or not Wentz will be ready for the opener and Nick Foles hasn’t exactly looked great this preseason. 

Still, it’s kind of a slap in the face to put the reigning Super Bowl champs as the fifth favorite to win it all, especially with how many starters are returning. As much as anything, this speaks to the depth of the NFC this season. 

As far as the rest of the NFC East: 

Cowboys: 26/1

Giants: 40/1

Redskins: 75/1

The good news for confident Eagles fans is this: If you bet on the Eagles winning it all right now, the payoff will be even better in February. So wear those underdog masks proudly. 


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