Eagles rank among worst in NFL for recent drafts


It’s no secret that the Eagles’ recent draft classes haven’t yielded a ton of top-notch talent. Just one selection over the team’s last seven drafts has made a Pro Bowl, and he’s the current Colts QB, Carson Wentz.

But how does the Eagles’ recent drafting compare with other teams? Enter the beautiful minds at Pro Football Focus.

Using their own WAR (Wins Above Replacement) formula, PFF ranked the 32 NFL teams for their drafts from 2017 to 2020. The Eagles ranked 30th, ahead of only the Raiders and Cardinals.

There are a few factors in play here. The Eagles had only five picks each in 2018 and 2019, and a total of 28 over the past four years, which ranks 25th in the NFL. Yes, that’s their own doing, but it also factors into their aggregate score.

Also, for the players drafted in 2018 or more recently, PFF uses a predictive formula to foresee the performance of all players. While it’s still an even playing field among all teams, if, say, Miles Sanders or Jalen Hurts has a great 2021 season, their standing would go up.

The Chiefs rank first overall, basically on the strength of QB Patrick Mahomes, who has a PFF WAR of 8.0. By comparison, only eight total players drafted over the last four seasons have a PFF WAR higher than 2.0.

Again, this data doesn’t tell Eagles fans something they don’t already know, but it’s even more glaring holding their draft classes up against the rest of the league.