Eagles players, fans in an uproar over game postponement


The Washington Football Team's massive COVID outbreak didn't lead the NFL to force the team to forfeit Sunday's game in Philadelphia against the Eagles; instead, the league decided to postpone the game until Tuesday.

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Many fans and players who interpreted the league's pre-season message about teams forfeiting games this season for not properly protecting themselves with vaccines amid the COVID-19 pandemic are none too happy. It doesn't feel like the league is following its own rules.

And, unsurprisingly, folks took to the internet to let their voices be heard.

Here's a sampling of the frustration, starting with Eagles cornerback Darius Slay:

Look, it's hard to blame anyone here for being frustrated. The Eagles have been pretty good at limiting COVID list designations this year, likely thanks in large part to the team entering training camp with a 90% vaccination rate.

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They also traded away two unvaccinated players (Joe Flacco and Eric Wilson) during the season.

It doesn't seem like this should be complicated - Washington has the outbreak on its roster, therefore the league should force WFT to forfeit for creating an unsafe environment - and yet here we are, playing football on a Tuesday evening in December.