Over four months from their victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, the Eagles are getting their Super Bowl rings tonight in a private ceremony. 

The rings from Jostens have been in the works for a while. Way back in March, Jeff Lurie said the design was already underway. Players were sized for the rings on April 25. 

So if players don't have a souvenir from the Super Bowl, the gaudy ring is going to do just fine. But with the rings in mind, we asked a handful of players if they had another souvenir or memento from the Super Bowl that meant something to them. 

Here are their answers:

Zach Ertz 
There’s no question. Ertz has the best souvenir of anyone from Super Bowl LII. 

“I have the ball that I caught,” he said. “The game-winning touchdown ball. I have that. So that means a lot.”

To refresh your memory, Ertz caught the eventual game-winning touchdown with just 2:21 left in the game. He caught the ball at the 6-yard line, drove forward and dove across the goal line for a touchdown. As he hit the turf, the ball popped up, but he was able to secure it. He hasn’t given it up since. Ertz has the ball at home in a case. 

Rodney McLeod 
Before the big game, McLeod designed special cleats with names of some of his late family members on them. He wore them in the Super Bowl and a couple times during these spring practices, but he thinks he’s going to frame them sometime soon. 


“I dedicated that game to my family, teammates and people like that,” McLeod said. “On my cleats, I had my family members that weren’t here. That means a lot to me. I had my grandmother, my grandfather and my uncle.

“Obviously, we won with them, but it’s something that sentimental to me.” 

Corey Clement 
Pretty similar to McLeod in that Clement had some important messages on his cleats. But instead of family members, he had the places he’s been. So the area codes of 856 and 215 were written on the back of his white cleats. Some mentions of Glassboro and the Wisconsin Badgers too. 

“It’s just something special,” Clement said. “Just all the landmarks I had to cross to get to where I was in the Super Bowl.” 

The cleats are mounted in his bedroom, next to his helmet, and right in front of his TV. “I see it every day when I wake up,” Clement said. 

Kamu Grugier-Hill 
“Just my helmet. That’s the only one,” the linebacker said. “I have to frame it now. I have to put it in a little box.”

Doug Pederson
The Eagles’ head coach was asked at the owners meetings earlier this spring if he had any good memorabilia. He didn’t take anything from the locker room and didn’t get a ball. But he, of course, has some shirts and that type of stuff. Just this week, Pederson said he still has shirts and hats from his Super Bowl with the Packers in the 90s. 

“I did get the Super Bowl LII helmet,” Pederson said. “I got that. I’m going to look into maybe getting a replica trophy at the house and do something like that. The ring will be souvenir enough.”

Nelson Agholor 
“Super Bowl jersey,” he said, nodding his head. “I have it framed.” 

Jake Elliott
The Eagles’ kicker said he has a bunch of stuff at his home. His stash includes plenty of champion t-shirts and hats. 

“I also have, it’s on my fridge right now, the newspaper that came out that they handed to us on the field,” Elliott said. “I have that on my fridge. That’s one I’m sure will be up for a while.” 

Fletcher Cox
“Yeah, I’ve got some confetti with the Super Bowl trophy on it,” Cox said. “I’ve got that in a shadow box.”

There were two types of confetti that fell after the game ended. Some of it was the normal rectangular-shaped confetti and some of the pieces were shaped like the Lombardi Trophy.  

Malcolm Jenkins
“I kept pretty much everything, helmet, jersey, gloves, cleats,” Jenkins said. “The nameplates from my locker. You try to keep as much as you can. Chris Maragos has a nice little frame over there with all those things that he kind of accumulated that week. You try to keep as much as you can.” 


Rick Lovato
The long-snapper kept his hip towel from the game, he’s going to put his cleats in a case and he has his jersey framed. There’s one more cool thing. 

“I have a hat from the game, that I wore during the game, with a piece of confetti I left in there, just as a friendly reminder,” he said. “I make sure that confetti does not leave that hat. It’s just something special for me that I keep together from the Super Bowl.” 

Lane Johnson 
“Just my helmet and my jersey,” Johnson said. “And the pictures we took. That’s really the only thing I have. Jersey’s framed, got my helmet and my shoes. That’s about it.” 

Brandon Brooks
After thinking for a while at the question, Brooks said there really wasn’t physical souvenir, but there were a lot of photos taken of he and his offensive line mates during that week. He then whipped out his phone to show one that offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland sent the group earlier in the week. It was a photo of Brooks and Johnson sitting in an OL meeting a couple days before the big game. 

“That’s what I cherish, man,” Brooks said. “I can look at that picture and know exactly what I was doing at that time.”

Brooks said, more than anything, he has his memories from the week. He remembers all the practices, how cold it was in Minnesota, all the fun he and his teammates had outside of practice, before the game and breaking down the huddle with the five starters and Jason Peters before the first series. With the uncertain nature of the business, Brooks said those memories in those moments, with special teammates, mean the most. 

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