Birds plummet, Sirianni gets heat in new NFL power rankings


The Eagles only lost to the Bucs by six on Thursday night, a box score victory on a night that was otherwise never close.

Tom Brady and Tampa Bay had full control over the Eagles in the Birds' Week 6 loss, and after one third of the NFL season people aren't exactly impressed by what Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts & Co. are rolling out there each week.

Let's scour seven different national outlets to find out what they're saying about the Birds after yet another home loss:


This week: 24

Last week: 24 (+0)

"A 32-6 thrashing of the Falcons in the opener shot the confidence meter to places unexpected, but the Eagles have since crashed back to reality. Shaky playcalling, injuries along the offensive front and inconsistent play from quarterback Jalen Hurts have limited the offense, while the defense has had wild fluctuations in its performance. The good news for Philadelphia is that it is past the most difficult part of its schedule. There are wins to be had against the likes of the Giants, Jets, Lions and Washington. The confidence meter should tick up, even if it never reaches its Week 1 post again."

This week: 24

Last week: 20 (-4)

"Jalen Hurts continues to fill up the fantasy stat sheet, but the jury remains very much out on whether the second-year QB should be a permanent fixture for the Eagles under center. Perfunctory cosmetic scores aside, Hurts struggled to lead the offense for much of Thursday night’s 27-22 loss to the Bucs. The Eagles' attack -- which abandoned the running game against Tampa Bay’s top-ranked rushing D -- put the team in a deep hole in a first-half performance that featured four three-and-outs and one interception. The problem -- and this is more on rookie coach Nick Sirianni than on his young QB -- is that Philadelphia is far too dependent on Hurts on a weekly basis. It’s time to find some balance."


CBS Sports

This week: 23

Last week: 20 (-3)

"They made it close against Tampa Bay, but it really wasn't that kind of game. At some point, they have to run the ball better."

Sporting News

This week: 22

Last week: 21 (-1)

"The Eagles played the Buccaneers well with Jalen Hurts doing what he could but the defensive roller-coasting continues to be maddening for Nick Sirianni."

Pro Football Network

This week: 24

Last week: 22 (-2)

"Jalen Hurts isn’t getting the job done, and Nick Sirianni’s offense isn’t necessarily awe-inspiring. I don’t want to bury Hurts, but he’s not helping us feel good about his projection moving forward.

"It looked like he had a bounce-back game against Kansas City after he struggled in the Cowboys game. But we also know that the Chiefs’ secondary is currently on a historically bad pace.

"The defense, on most occasions, will be enough to keep Philadelphia in games. The burden is on the offense to score points. If Hurts improves, so could the Eagles in the NFL Power Rankings after Week 7."

Bleacher Report

This week: 24

Last week: 22 (-2)

"The Philadelphia Eagles are a hot mess offensively.

"After showing some signs of improvement over the first month of the 2021 season, second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts was terrible against the Buccaneers on Thursday night, completing just 12 of 26 passes for 115 yards. He had one interception and easily could have had three.

"The Eagles had 213 total yards and didn't surpass 100 yards of offense until the fourth quarter; Philly's two longest plays of the game were pass interference calls against the Buccaneers. In the first half, the Eagles ran one play in Tampa territory.

"Still, for as badly as Hurts played Thursday, Davenport thinks the Eagles may have an even bigger problem.

"'Nick Sirianni is making a very compelling case for the title of the NFL's worst head coach,' he said. 'The offensive play-calling is just horrendous. Sirianni completely forgot Miles Sanders was on the team until the final quarter, and all he seems to want to run are RPOs and bubble screens. I've seen more offensive creativity from the staff at Pickerington Central—and that's a high school in suburban Columbus. Ohio.'"


Sports Illustrated

This week: 27

Last week: 25 (-2)

"It’s understandable that the Bucs wanted to specifically and repeatedly attack the boundary corners against Tampa—it’s a glaring weakness in a defense that is dominant up the middle. But at some point they have to put more on Jalen Hurts’s plate and give him a chance he can do it before they pull the plug and chase a new quarterback next offseason."

Yikes. Sounds like a lot of folks are ready to tune out from the Hurts-Sirianni partnership and move on from both in 2022.

But that'll happen when you're 2-4 and trotting out some of the worst offense I've seen in midnight green in a very, very long time.

I'll be tracking the Eagles' power rankings across these seven outlets all season long at the bottom of these posts.

Season-long tracker

Average before Week 1: 26.42

Average after Week 1: 20.57 (+5.85)

Average after Week 2: 21.00 (-0.43)

Average after Week 3: 22.66 (-1.66)

Average after Week 4: 25.28 (-2.62)

Average after Week 5: 22.00 (+3.28) 

Average after Week 6: 24.00 (-2.00)

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