Eagles Q&A: Milton Williams’ first job wasn’t easy


Each week during the 2022 season we’re going through the Eagles’ media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job filling out these little oddities in the media guides and they serve as a good way to meet the player behind the helmet.

This week, we chatted with defensive tackle Milton Williams, who says his first job was cutting grass on the weekends.

Me: Your first job was mowing lawns?

Williams: Oh yeah. This right here is my first real job. Never got a pay stub or nothing like that. I was just walking around, knocking on doors. ‘Hey man, I’ll cut your yard for $20.’ Summertime.

Me: Did you have the houses that would pay you regularly to do it?

Williams: Yeah, me one of my friends back home, we had this one dude, he had a big yard. I ain’t like cutting his yard because it was hot and I only told him $20. I wanted to charge him more because it was a big yard, but man…

Me: So halfway through you’re re-thinking the $20?

Williams: But you know what, I went out there and cut it anytime he needed us to do it.

Me: How old do you think you were when you did that?

Williams: I want to say … my freshman year in high school.

Me: Did it kind of teach you work ethic?


Williams: Nah, I kinda got that from my pops. Because he was always being there, telling me what to do. Watching him. Watching him get up 2, 3 in the morning, go to to work, come back, come to all our games and things like that. Then see him get up again and go to work. It’s just like, man, I ain’t got no excuse.

Me: Sure.

Williams: He’s busting his butt like that, I ain’t got no excuse to be slacking off in class, workouts, practice.

Me: So that informed the way you were even as a high school student?

Williams: Definitely. He was the sports side and my mom was ’No C’s.’ No C’s in school. I had a good balanced dynamic growing up.

Me: Did you enjoy mowing the lawns?

Williams: When I was younger, yeah. The older I got, I was like, man, I want to drive to mow then. Because it gets hot in Texas.

Me: Did you at least have the self-propelled mower?

Williams: Oh no. Had to push it. And he had a hill in his backyard too. It was good work.

Me: Yeah, it’s a good workout, I guess.

Williams: It probably got me where I got myself out now.

Me: That should be a new workout plan. Just mowing lawns uphill.

Williams: Oh yeah. I’m telling you. In that Texas heat. It’ll do it to you.

Me: For sure. Thank you, man.

Williams: Anytime.

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