New Eagles QB coach has connection to Jalen Hurts


While the Eagles' new quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson's connection to Dak Prescott is well-established, there's another more important player he has an existing relationship with: Jalen Hurts.

Johnson was Prescott's QB coach at Mississippi State and during the lead-up to the 2021 NFL draft, Hurts, fresh off a highly productive season at Oklahoma, drew comparisons to Prescott.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Mike Sielski from an article last May, Johnson states how Hurts was reminiscent of Prescott and how Johnson's connection with Hurts dates back to when the Eagles QB was as young as four. Hurts' father was an assistant coach at a Texas high school at the same time that Johnson was playing for the team. Johnson went even as far as to recruit Hurts to Mississippi State before the quarterback ended up at Alabama instead.

Johnson, who was Florida's QB coach and offensive coordinator in 2020, goes on to remark how Hurts and Prescott are similar not just in their physical games on the field, but the mindset they bring to the quarterback position.

In what may be the most hectic quarterback carousel in NFL memory this offseason, the Eagles could be at the center of it as they decide how to move forward with Carson Wentz and Hurts (or potentially even a new draftee). While nothing definitive can be said, Hurts' link to Johnson certainly can't hurt him as the QB competition heats up.