Our experts give their picks for Eagles-Rams in Week 2


The Eagles (0-1) are hosting the Rams (1-0) at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday at 1 p.m. in the 2020 home opener.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (0-1)

I was all set to pick the Rams to win Sunday. After watching them blow a 17-0 lead in Washington Sunday? Why wouldn’t I? Then Lane Johnson came back. Then Miles Sanders came back. And Derek Barnett and Javon Hargrave, too. So the team that will play the Rams at the Linc should look a lot different than the one that lost at FedEx. Tougher on both lines and with one of their top skill guys back as well. The Rams are pretty good, but I don’t think they’re a special team, although they definitely have a few special players. I’m giving the Eagles one more week at close to full strength to get their act together. I think they will. If they don’t, they’re really in trouble.

Eagles 26, Rams 24

Dave Zangaro (0-1)

The Eagles’ loss to Washington last week was one of the worst in the Doug Pederson Era for several reasons. On paper, they should lose this game to the Rams. But the Eagles are getting healthy at the right time. Having Lane Johnson, Derek Barnett, Miles Sanders and Javon Hargrave is huge for this team.

Is Aaron Donald a monster? Sure. Do the Rams have a fun offense? Sure. But I expect the Eagles to bounce back in a big way this weekend because they don’t really have any other choice. They can’t start this season off with an 0-2 record. It’ll be close but I think we’ll see Carson Wentz redeem himself and have a big game, leading the Eagles to a W.


Eagles 27, Rams 26

Ray Didinger (0-1)

On Post Game Live, I called the Eagles loss to Washington "a colossal failure." I was being kind. It was worse than that. They managed to blow a 17-0 lead to a team that averaged 3.4 yards per snap and converted just 28 per cent of its third downs (5 for 18). That's hard to do but somehow the Eagles did it.

Now they face the Los Angeles Rams who are coming off a big win over Dallas on Sunday night. Aaron Donald, the best defensive player in the NFL — Doug Pederson accurately called him "a game wrecker" — is coming to town to feast on an Eagles offense that allowed eight sacks and turned the ball over three times in Washington.

So why am I picking the Eagles to win?

Mostly because the Eagles aren't as bad as they looked in the second half on Sunday and after watching those films all week they have to be embarrassed by the way they folded down the stretch. Getting Lane Johnson and especially Miles Sanders back will help greatly and the defense will contain the Rams run game better than the Cowboys did.

Eagles 24, Rams 20

Barrett Brooks (0-1)

First off, there was no way I thought the Birds would be heading into this week’s game 0-1. I thought they would use the Washington game as a springboard into the home opener against the Rams. But the Eagles' coaching staff and players made no excuses. Both Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz fell on the sword for the mishaps of the game.

You know I love to talk about the play in the trenches and this game is no different. Aaron Donald vs. whoever he lines up against on the OL, will have to bring their lunch pale and hard hat to play! This is a great opportunity for the Eagles OL to gain some respect back for the eight sacks allowed last week. Notice I didn’t reference the defense, because I have confidence in their ability to control the game. I think it will be hard for any offense to drive 80 yards to score on them. When your CBs can cover and the DL can rush, I feel good with them stymieing the opposing offense.

I feel like the Birds have an opportunity right the ship, but I have to go with the tape. With the Rams’ DL, the Eagles’ offense will be overmatched on third down.

Rams 31, Eagles 21

Mike Mulhern (0-1) 

It’s hard not to overreact to how things absolutely unraveled in the opener against Washington, but there were certainly some mitigating circumstances: a completely unproven right side of the offensive line, Boston Scott slotted as the lead back, and the Eagles giving up prime field position for nearly half the game. Those first two concerns should be shored up by the respective returns of Lane Johnson and Miles Sanders. The third one falls squarely on the shoulders of two men: Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson. Will they adapt or continue to play and call plays with reckless abandon? While the go-for-broke style won them a ring, it’s all about altering your approach when personnel and circumstances dictate. Listen, they’ll still need to take some shots on Sunday, but they’ll have to pick their spots with Aaron Donald collapsing the pocket and Jalen Ramsey locking down one side of the field.


Overall, I still like the matchup, and put some stock into picking the more desperate team (yeah, I know it’s only Week 2). Plus, the Rams are on a short week after winning on Sunday night and flying across the country for a 10 a.m. Pacific start time. My sense is both coach and quarterback come out with something to prove on Sunday for the Eagles and erase the pain of Week 1.

Eagles 27, Rams 24