Jalen Reagor reveals his specific pre-game snack


Eagles first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor caught just one pass in his NFL debut last Sunday, but it was a splashy play, and if the rest of his targets from the Week 1 loss are any indication, the rook should be a deep ball threat all year long.

Where does the young wideout get all that energy? Some of it might come from his pre-game snack choice.

Reagor appeared on the team's Eagles Insider podcast this week, where he broke down a crucial portion of his pre-game routine:

"Usually I eat Skittles before the game, I eat Skittles, but I didn't have any Skittles, so I ate some gummy chews."

Well, there you go. Reagor caught just one pass for 55 yards in the Week 1 loss. Can you imagine the kind of stat line Reagor would've had against Washington if he'd remembered to stock up on Skittles before the game? It could've been the difference between a W and an L. (Okay, probably not.)

And, for the record, it's not just *any* Skittles that Reagor snacks on before games.

"SPADARO: For the home opener, are you going to make sure you have Skittles? Or are you sticking with gummy chews?

"REAGOR: You know I'm going Skittles, man. Which pack you think I'm going with: red, purple, or blue?

"SPADARO: I'm thinking purple.

"REAGOR: You already know!"

You heard it here: Reagor is confirmed a Wild Berry Skittles guy. That's good to know. I wonder if his choosing the purple package of Skittles has anything to do with TCU's colors... hmm.


Skittles, of course, have a long and storied history as an NFL player snack, most famously thanks to Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who popularized his candy-munching habit after he was spotted on the sidelines snacking:

Taking after Marshawn Lynch is always a positive.

Here's hoping that, with the correct pre-game snack in his possession, Reagor has an even bigger game against the Rams on Sunday.