Updating Eagles’ cap situation after Mullens, Rodgers signings


After a shuffle last week, when they signed tight end Richard Rodgers and Nick Mullens, the Eagles’ roster is now full at 90 players, which is the maximum for the start of training camp on July 27.

We already took a closer look at Rodgers’ contract details, but now let’s take a closer look at Mullens’ contract.

The Eagles signed the 27-year-old veteran quarterback to a one-year deal worth $970,000, which includes $200,000 guaranteed, according to a league source.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Base salary: $920,000

Roster bonus: $50,000

Guaranteed: $200,000

Cap hit: $970,000

The minimum contract for a player with three accrued seasons is $920,000, so Mullens gets that plus another $50,000 if he makes the roster. It’s not a sure thing that Mullens makes the roster but that guaranteed money means he’d leave some dead money if he’s released.

As a reminder, the Eagles got Rodgers for a veteran minimum with an even lower cap hit because it’s a veteran salary benefit deal. His cap hit is $887,500 for the 2021 season.

With Rodgers and Mullens now on the books, the Eagles have $4,975,771 in available salary cap space.

During the offseason, just the top 51 contracts count toward the salary cap. That changes once the team is cut to 53 players as the season begins.

The Eagles also have eight of their nine draft picks under contract. The final remaining pick to sign is second-rounder Landon Dickerson. Because of slotted pay, we know much his contract will count toward the cap. According to OverTheCap, Dickerson’s cap hit as a rookie will be approximately $1,573,943.


Once Dickerson is signed, he’ll be one of the top 51 contracts in the offseason, which means one contract worth $850K will no longer count toward the cap, a difference of $723,943. That means that once Dickerson signs, the Eagles will have $4,251,828 in available cap space.

If the Eagles don’t use that cap space this year, it simply rolls over to next season. But $4 million in cap space is more than enough money to sign another player (a cornerback, maybe) if they choose. And there’s also the possibility that the Eagles trade or cut Zach Ertz. Doing so would free up around another $8.5 million in cap space.

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