Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill started off Dallas week with a little smack talk Wednesday afternoon and I loved it. 

Here’s what he said to NBC 10: 

“Look at Dallas’ history. They always choke. So we’ll go down there and make them choke.” 

I know it might be a somewhat unpopular opinion, but that’s tremendous. 

I love the smack talking. I think the Eagles should smack talk more. I think they should turn complete WWE heel and all talk crap this entire week. Why not? 

So it might end up on a bulletin board in Dallas? Who cares? 

Do you really think the Cowboys have a better shot of winning this game today than before yesterday when KGH said that? No way. This is a division game for first place in the NFC East between two teams that are supposed to hate each other. No bulletin board crap is going to change that. 

Maybe that comment looks bad if the Eagles go down to North Texas and get beat up by the Cowboys on Sunday. But the Eagles can’t even think about that possibility. They have to go down to North Texas this weekend completely convinced they’re going to beat the Cowboys, take over first place in the division and never look back. 

There are plenty of reasons for the rest of us to realistically doubt that’s going to happen. But every single person in that locker room should feel that way. 


They ought to go down to North Texas this weekend acting like the damn reigning Super Bowl champions, big you-know-what swingin'. 

Have some swagger. 

Now, Doug Pederson didn’t seem to like the comment from Grugier-Hill and that’s to be expected. He’s got enough on his plate and he sort of needs to act with an appropriate level of decorum as the head coach of an NFL franchise. 

Likewise, Carson Wentz wasn’t very interested in joining Grugier-Hill among the trash-talkers either. He said he has a lot of respect for the Cowboys and blah, blah, blah. 

But I wonder how many of Grugier-Hill’s teammates, if you hooked them up to a lie detector test, would really think the comment was “unfortunate.” Instead, maybe they’d actually agree with him. Maybe they’d have some comments of their own, like earlier this season when Jason Peters called Cowboys fans “arrogant.” 

Sports are entertainment and hearing what Grugier-Hill said on Wednesday is the most entertained I’ve been all week as we get ready for a pivotal rivalry game. 

If it gets the Cowboys mad? Oh well. If they post his comment on some nonexistent bulletin board (no one has bulletin boards anymore, right?), so be it. Let the Cowboys play with too much emotion. Let them work themselves into a lather. 

And then go down to North Texas and beat them. To me, that’s the mindset of a team that has its back against the wall. The Eagles have always performed best when they think everyone is counting them out. 

So go ahead and add some fuel to the fire, Eagles, and let’s have ourselves a showdown in Texas on Sunday.

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