Eagles fans react to starting 0-2 in brutal fashion


On Sunday, the Eagles drove their entire fanbase mad - and if we weren't so busy crying, it would be kind of funny to look back at the afternoon. 

Here's a timeline of fan reactions to the Birds' infuriating loss to the Rams at home.

It started with a first-drive fumble. It ballooned to a 21-3 deficit early in the second half. Things were ugly.

First quarter

Second quarter

But then, suddenly, the Eagles scored a touchdown, the defense managed a stop, and the team received some luck with Cooper Kupp's untimely fumble:


Okay, let's take a breather. That was a lot of negativity, followed by a quick burst of excitement. An embarrassing blowout turned into a five-point game at half? Very interesting. 

Games can change in the blink of an eye. It happens all the time! Maybe the Eagles weren't dead after all!

And the Birds actually drew within five points... but the defense gave up a three-play scoring drive, and then the offense failed to convert a fourth down, and then the Rams scored again.

Fourth quarter

Let's check back in on those fans:

Ah, well. There's always... next week?