Sirianni's most elite skill might be his t-shirt choices


First-year head coaches like Nick Sirianni have to fight through layers of doubt and second-guessing to convince the fanbase - and, sometimes, the locker room - that they're the right guy for the job. Being a naturally good relationship-builder is often a shortcut to creating that trust.

I don't know if Sirianni is going to be the Xs & Os guy the Eagles need to right the ship after 2020's disaster, but I've been impressed by his personality and the way he's endeared himself to basically everyone in the organization so far, all the way down to the shirts he wears at practices.

Yes, this is a clothing blog.

Sirianni has taken to wearing very specific t-shirts at practices in his first run-up to the regular season, and I've got to say: I'm in. Philadelphia sports fans like pandering (see: Harper, Bryce) and I'd imagine athletes do, too. Seeing your head coach rock a shirt with your name and face on it during practice? Probably pretty cool!

Sirianni started the trend back in May during OTAs by opting for a "No one likes us, we don't care" tee, a callback to Jason Kelce's legendary Art Museum stairs speech after the Super Bowl:

Since training camp, Sirianni has tripled down on the power of the pointed apparel. He's gone with...

Jake Elliott:

Good idea, since Elliot needs to have a bounce back year in 2021 after a large dip last year in his accuracy on field goals and a slight dip in accuracy on extra point attempts.


Miles Sanders:

I like this one because it shows Sirianni knows and enjoys Sanders' nickname, Boobie. Gotta build that bond with your guys and remind them you're on their side. Sirianni seems like a real player's coach.

Brandon Graham:

Easy money here. Graham has turned into one of Eagles fans' favorite players through his hard work, affable personality, and his strip sack of Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII (the Eagles won, 41-33).

All in all, a good collection of personalized tributes from the head coach. Is his wardrobe going to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl? No, probably not. But it's going to win him a few fans, and Sirianni wants to have as many of those, from South Philly to Germantown, on his side before Week 1 kicks off.

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