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Why Hurts loves the way he's being coached

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They’re on him constantly. Do this better. Fix this. Work on that. 

They push him. Drive him. Work him to the bone.

Then they do it again the next day.

Nick Sirianni and his assistant coaches are very tough on Jalen Hurts. Ask the 22-year-old about it and he just smiles.

Because he loves it.

“I try to be as coachable as I can, take the coaching and go improve and take steps every day,” he said after practice Monday.

“I know I haven’t touched the ceiling yet. I haven’t scratched it. It’s important to continue to take coaching, continue to take these things so I can grow so we can help the football team. … I love the coaching. I love how hard they are on me, because they’re challenging me to be the best player I can be. So I’m all for it.”

Some young players think they have all the answers. Some only want to do things their way. Some aren’t open to new coaching points because what they’ve always done has always worked.

But this is the NFL and even though Sirianni, Shane Steichen and Brian Johnson are new to the Eagles, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to quarterback play. They’ve all been QB coaches at some point and they have a very clear idea of how to get Hurts where he needs to be.

It doesn’t hurt when the quarterback wants to be coached.


“I think [with Sirianni, Steichen and Johnson], you have three great minds,” Hurts said. “Three great minds. Three people with a lot of experience and I respect them a lot and they challenge me. They coach me very hard, and I love that. I embrace that. I challenge myself every time I go on the field. We’re all competitive, we all want to do it right. We all want perfection. We all chase that. 

“It’s really a constant grind for me. I’m always in the coach’s ear trying to learn something, trying to build on something I haven’t done or what I could be doing.”

One of the big coaching points this summer with Hurts has been his footwork, and Sirianni has spoken a few times about how important it is for Hurts to improve it. It’s a constant point of emphasis in meetings, in film study and at practice.

Ask Hurts about their constant harping on details and his face lights up.

“I love those details,” he said. “I love the little details.”

This is a young man that not only wants to get better but trusts his coaches to show him how to do it.

“You know what, I've been really impressed with him,” Steichen said before practice Monday. “We all know this about him, this guy loves football. Like, he loves football. And he's a tireless worker and he wants to be the best he can be.”

In the first five practices of training camp, we’ve seen some good from Hurts and some not so good. However, you can’t help but see the work ethic and the attitude, and it’s not surprising he gets a little bit better each day.

“I think we’ve taken steps every day,” Hurts said. “Getting comfortable in the offense, getting a feel for everything, getting a feel for Coach Sirianni, Coach B.J. and Coach Steichen, what they want me to do and how they want me to do it. … We’re just playing ball, trying to execute, run the offense and be efficient in what we’re doing.”

And when 11 guys have the same mentality as Hurts?

When everybody on offense is approaching their job the way he approaches his?

“If everybody’s able to do their job and execute fundamentally, [high] football IQ, competitively, all that?" Hurts said. "If everybody’s in tune with what they’re supposed to do? I think a positive play is guaranteed to happen.”

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