Fulgham earns awesome shoutout from star wide receiver


Travis Fulgham is the hottest name in the NFL after Week 5, and he's already caught the eye of some of the league's best players.

Fulgham took to Instagram on Monday night, where he's suddenly up to more than 23,000 followers after his incredible first two games with the Birds, and posted this photo:

And none other than Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs responded with a simple but powerful stamp of approval:

That's so awesome.

Diggs has been a star in the NFL for years, one of the most explosive wideouts in the entire league. He's averaging more than 100 yards per game through four games this season, a career-best. So, yeah, that's a pretty good thumbs-up to land.

Interestingly, Fulgham and Diggs are both from the DMV area, and played high school football at schools separated by less than 50 miles. Diggs is a little less than two years older than Fulgham.

Here's another interesting note: Fulgham's first two games with the Eagles are eerily similar, statistically, to Diggs' first two games with the Vikings back in 2015. Take a look:

  • Diggs: 13 catches, 216 yards, 0 TDs
  • Fulgham: 12 catches, 209 yards, 2 TDs


If Fulgham pans out to be even 75 percent of what Diggs brings to the table, the Eagles will be in business. 

What a crazy two weeks.