Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 8 predictions 2020


The Eagles (2-4-1) are hosting the Cowboys (2-5) in a battle for first place in the NFC East on Sunday night.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (3-4)

It hasn’t been easy for the Eagles lately against their biggest rival. They’re 3-5 against Dallas under Doug Pederson, including losses in four of the last five meetings. Going back to Andy Reid’s last season in 2012, they’re 6-10 in the last 16 matchups, and going back to 2007 they’re 4-9 at the Linc against the Cowboys. This one should be different. It better be different. I don’t see a whole lot of fight left in the Cowboys. There's been lots of finger pointing in North Texas, players questioning the coach, the coach questioning players, anonymous griping, veterans jettisoned. The Eagles may not be very good but they will always battle for 60 minutes, and that’s the difference for me. I’ll always take the team that’s playing like it cares. The Eagles are getting guys back and the Cowboys are down to their No. 2 or 3 QB. If the Eagles can jump on the Cowboys early and take away their will to fight, it could be a laughter.

Eagles 27, Cowboys 16

Dave Zangaro (2-5)

The Eagles certainly haven’t played well this season but they have at least shown some fight. We’ve seen none of that from the Cowboys this year. And last week’s loss to Washington was about as bad as it could get. The Cowboys look like a team that doesn’t care and I just can’t pick a team that doesn’t care over one that always gives effort.


There’s no question that the Eagles have their own issues, but they’re starting to get healthier on offense and should have enough firepower to move the ball and put up points on the worst defense in the NFL. Washington put up just 25 points last week and that was just because that was way more than they needed.

If Andy Dalton was playing, maybe I’d think the Cowboys had a shot. But their defense stinks and now they’re starting a seventh-round rookie. The Eagles should win this one.

Eagles 34, Cowboys 24

Ray Didinger (3-4)

I guess it wasn't all Jason Garrett's fault after all. After years of falling short of expectations, Jerry Jones fired Garrett as coach and replaced him with Mike McCarthy. Guess what? Things got worse.

The players are ripping the coach, the coach is ripping them for not sticking up for Andy Dalton and Jerry is getting snippy with the Dallas media. The Cowboys have been outscored by 50 points in the last two losses to Arizona (38-10) and Washington (25-3). They didn't even put up a fight in Washington.

They have a ton of injuries but so do the Eagles. At least the Eagles are still playing hard. The Cowboys look like a team that has quit. The Eagles aren't so good that they can afford to be overconfident but they should have their way in this one.

Eagles 27, Cowboys 12

Barrett Brooks (3-4)

Yes, I’m also saying it: This is Dallas Week! As a former player being drafted by the Birds, there is no more important rivalry game! I played for four other teams in my tenure in the NFL. This is still the rivalry I lose sleep over. Steelers vs. Ravens was very intense, but Eagles vs. Cowboys will always be my favorite. In fact, I took $100K less to play for the Lions, because of my inward dislike for anything Dallas!

As I look at this game, the Cowboys look better on paper. With the exception of QB, they have a good RB in Ezekiel Elliott and very good WRs. Defensively, it’s the same. They have very good pass-rushers (Demarcus Lawrence, Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory) and two very good LBs in (Jaylon Smith & Leighton Vander Esch).

With all things being equal, besides Carson being the Birds’ QB, coaching is the biggest advantage Eagles have going into this game. Doug Pederson has an established culture on this team and is built to weather the storm of a 2-4-1 season. The Birds are more prepared to ascend from the adversity of dealing with health and the outside noise. With the team getting healthier and better player leadership, this should be a good Eagles win! No wait, this should be the turning point of this season! Let this be the Rallying point toward respectability for the rest of this season. Dallas sucks! Birds win!


Eagles 30, Cowboys 17

Mike Mulhern (3-4)

Maybe it wasn’t all Jason Garrett’s fault after all! Things have gone from bad to worse in the first (and only?) year of the Mike McCarthy era. Dak Prescott‘s injury was a critical blow, but their issues were evident prior to losing their franchise quarterback. A league-worst defense coupled with an injury riddled offensive line and a star running back who can no longer hold onto the ball has spelled disaster in Big D.

That was a defeated Cowboys team that rolled over last week against Washington. They followed it up by trading one key contributor on defense and cutting two more. Anonymous players are openly questioning the coaches. They’re likely starting rookie Ben DiNucci under center on Sunday. It sure feels like ship is sinking in Big D and I don’t expect the Eagles and Carson Wentz to offer much help.

This will be the complete four quarter performance we’ve all been waiting to see this season.

Eagles 27, Cowboys 9

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