Eagles vs. Giants Week 7 predictions 2020


The Eagles (1-4-1) are hosting the Giants (1-5) at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (2-4)

Their quarterback has thrown twice as many interceptions as touchdowns. Their running back is averaging 3.2 yards per carry. They lost by 27 to a 49ers team the Eagles beat. They’re scoring a touchdown less per game than the Eagles. Their best player is out for the year. Their offensive coordinator is Jason Garrett. Yes, there’s a team out there in worse shape than the Eagles. Heck, the way things are going? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants signed Jamon Brown one of these days. Playing good teams close doesn’t mean you’re good, but the Eagles have shown signs of life on offense the last couple weeks, and even with most of their good players missing, I still think the Eagles have enough to get past this train wreck of a Giants team. Unless they shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers, I expect the Eagles to win by double digits.

Eagles 28, Giants 17

Dave Zangaro (1-5)

The Eagles are clearly not a very good team and their 1-4-1 record is evidence of that. But they’re better than the Giants, even as the Giants come off their first win of the season. Right now that New York offense is atrocious and while the Eagles have been uneven defensively, they haven’t been bad. The Giants just don’t have any really good players on that offense and I expect the Eagles to do a good job shutting them down.


On offense, I’ve been impressed that the Eagles put up 57 points against the Steelers and Ravens despite all the injuries. Sure, they will be missing a ton of players again, but Carson Wentz is starting to get into rhythm and they should be able to put up enough points to take down the lowly Giants.

Eagles 24, Giants 13

Ray Didinger (2-4)

The Eagles are down to, what, four healthy players? Three maybe. This is getting ridiculous. There are so many guys dropping it is like watching a John Wick movie.

Still, it is the Giants coming to town and the last time they won a game here was 2013. That was four head coaches ago. The Giants are 1-5 and barely squeaked by Washington on Sunday. Quarterback Daniel Jones won the game despite passing for just 112 yards. (No, that's not a misprint.)

I think the Eagles will win, just don't ask me how.

Eagles 19, Giants 16

Barrett Brooks (2-4)

The Eagles are finally in a must-win scenario if they are to have any chance of winning the NFC East. I feel like destiny is trying to force them into the playoffs. Even though the Birds have lost the last two games, they are getting better. The attitude and aggressiveness of the team is giving them a chance to play above their physical attributes. They are starting to finish plays. This change is being led by Carson Wentz. His toughness has become infectious. I see players like Lane Johnson fighting to get back on the field to protect his QB. Johnson and DeSean Jackson should give the Eagles a boost.

On the defensive side of the ball, Javon Hargrave must have a coming out party with Malik Jackson out. I need to see some return on the investment. Playing opposite of Fletcher Cox will give him one on one blocks the majority of the game. He must take advantage of those chances to create havoc. Giants QB Daniel Jones will turn the ball over if he is pressured up the middle. This game must be won by the defense. More specifically, the defensive line.

Eagles 28 Giants 20

Mike Mulhern (2-4)

It’s seemingly become an annual tradition for the Eagles of late: beat the Giants in a primetime game to get the season back on the rails. Last year’s overtime win at Lincoln Financial Field on Monday Night Football started their run of four straight wins to take the NFC East crown. This game kicks off three straight divisional matchups. As crazy as it sounds, if they sweep this stretch, they’ll be back to .500. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

It’s a tight turnaround for an Eagles team that lost two more crucial pieces on offense in Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz, all while watching Carson Wentz get battered behind a makeshift offensive line. The latter hopefully gets remedied with Jamon Brown shipped out of town and the expected return of Lane Johnson. To make up for the loss of Sanders, Boston Scott will have to recapture some of that late season spark he showed in 2019.


The Giants are coming off their first win of the season, despite totaling just 240 total yards of offense against Washington. Daniel Jones hasn’t looked the part of franchise quarterback, barely cracking 100 yards passing in that game and slipping below Wentz in passer rating for the season. The Giants come into this matchup sporting the second-worst scoring offense in the NFL, the perfect fix for an Eagles defense that has been lit up the last two weeks. I expect their front four to feast.

Eagles 27, Giants 10