Wallace learns hard lesson in trash talk from Cam Newton


Eagles safety K’Von Wallace got a hard lesson in trash talk. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

Earlier this week, Wallace had some choice words for Patriots QB Cam Newton, calling him “Checkdown King” during joint practices between the two teams. It turns out Newton had the last laugh, both on the field and after the game.

Wallace and Eagles were drubbed by the Patriots Thursday, 35-0. Newton had a strong outing, completing 8-of-9 passes for 103 yards. He also connected on a 28-yard TD to Jacoby Meyers, where Meyers left a number of Eagles defenders in his wake, including Wallace.

If that’s not bad enough, Newton offered his two cents in the war of words about the Eagles’ second-year safety postgame.

A reporter asked Newton about Wallace’s ‘Checkdown King’ comments after the game Thursday. 

“Oh that’s ‘Glitter’… Tell his coach to play man-to-man, then. I’m just doing what I’m told, just like he’s just doing what he’s told. If they don’t like me checking down, just taking what the defense gives us… you know, there’s no need to kind of feed into this, because anytime you have a joint practice with a bunch of alpha males, certain things are going to be said.”

So… why would Newton call Wallace ‘Glitter?’

“He was cheerleading a lot on the sidelines," Newton said. "Cheerleaders usually have glitter on.”

I’m not really sure on that nickname. I feel like Cam could have done better, considering he had a couple days to come up with something clever. 


Here’s hoping Wallace learns his lesson, and that it’s the last lesson he’ll have to learn for a while.

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