Eagles vs. Ravens Week 6 predictions 2020


The Eagles (1-3-1) will host the Ravens (4-1) at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (1-4)

Ignoring all the Ravens’ other advantages … they run the ball as well as anybody in the league, they shut down the run as well as anybody in the league, they’re second in takeaways and fifth in sacks … there’s Lamar Jackson, and I just don’t have any idea how the Eagles can slow him down. He hasn’t been quite as explosive throwing or running as last year, and he’s been dealing with a sore ankle. But he’s still one of the NFL’s most dangerous players, and this defense just isn’t equipped to handle him. Even if the defense has a phenomenal day against Jackson, how many points can this uneven Eagles offense score against this loaded Ravens’ defense? The Eagles need a perfect game on both sides of the ball to win Sunday, and while that’s possible we haven’t seen anything close to a perfect game from the offense or defense all year.

Ravens 26, Eagles 19

Dave Zangaro (0-5)

Well, I’m certainly the last person you should be coming to for a prediction at this point. I outsmarted myself last week by taking the Eagles and I’m not doing it again. The Eagles are really banged up and I don’t like their chances against a really good Ravens team, even if Lamar Jackson isn’t completely healthy. I guess the Eagles might have a chance if they can stop the run and somehow get their offense going. I just don’t see how they can score enough points against a Ravens defense that’s really good at every level.


Ultimately, I think the Ravens present too many matchup challenges for the Eagles to overcome. The Eagles will stick around until the fourth quarter but won’t win this one. They’ll then have a short week to prepare for the Giants.

Ravens 24, Eagles 17

Ray Didinger (1-4)

There are a few trends in this game that spell trouble for the Eagles. First, the Ravens have forced at least one turnover in each of their last 17 games. When you consider the Eagles lead the league with 11 turnovers and Carson Wentz has thrown nine interceptions, that's more than a little scary.

Also, opposing tight ends have been killing the Eagles all season (five touchdowns) and the Ravens have a big play tight end in Mark Andrews. Since the start of last season, Andrews has pulled in more touchdown passes (15) than any other receiver in football. So there's that.

And while Travis Fulgham burst upon the scene in spectacular fashion -- his statue should be completed any day now -- this week he will be covered by the best pair of cornerbacks in the NFL, Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters. The Ravens blitz thoroughly confused Joe Burrow last week and sacked him seven times.

Ravens 20, Eagles 13

Barrett Brooks (1-4)

My Birds are sitting at 1-3-1, so yes I’m hot! I understand this squad has been ravaged by injuries. I also understand the next man up in a lot of positions are rookies and first-year players. That still doesn’t give the team an excuse for bad fundamentals and nonchalant play. I have seen so many opportunities in the three losses, for this team to take a step in the right direction. They have constantly found a way to shoot themselves in the foot! This game is another opportunity to prove they can be at least an average team. An average team can win this division.

The Ravens are a good team. They play fundamental football by running the ball and playing great defense. I like the matchup between the Birds’ defense, and the running offense of the Ravens. Offensively, Carson Wentz must put the offense on his shoulders and play outside the box. The QB’s legs have to be a factor. He has to force the Ravens defense to account for him as a run threat. This will open up the middle of the field. I believe only then, RB Miles Sanders and TE Zach Ertz will be able to play at the level needed to compete. The Eagles must match the attitude and physical play of the Ravens on Sunday.

Ravens 21, Eagles 10

Mike Mulhern (1-4)

It’s hard to decide which side of the ball concerns me more on Sunday. Lamar Jackson hasn’t played at the same record-breaking MVP-pace of a season ago, but he’s still operating at a high level and poses by far the biggest test the Eagles defense has faced all season. This group has been picked apart by motion misdirection, and tight ends, areas the Ravens thrive in with Jackson as the trigger man. If Jim Schwartz can’t find a way to get Nate Gerry off Chase Claypool on a critical third down, I shudder to think of the mismatches Baltimore will create.


On the flip side, Carson Wentz will have yet another new-look offensive line attempt to protect him. The right side of Lane Johnson and Matt Pryor are out, so in steps rookie Jack Driscoll and former Falcon Jamon Brown. Jason Kelce is the only remaining projected starter of the bunch still suiting up.

Wentz will still be without his top three projected receivers when the season started: DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery and Jalen Reagor. Thankfully the emergence of Travis Fulgham has helped to offset those losses a bit. But once again, they’re facing one of the NFL’s elite defenses. The Ravens have given up the fewest points per game at just a hair over 15.

It was extremely encouraging to see the Eagles put up 29 points in Pittsburgh, but I think they’ll be even harder to come by this time around.

Ravens 31, Eagles 13