Eagles vs. Seahawks Week 12 predictions 2020


The Eagles (3-6-1) are hosting the Seahawks (7-3) at the Linc on Monday Night Football.

To the predictions:

Reuben Frank (4-6)

The Eagles never lose to the Giants. They lost to the Giants. The Eagles never lose to the Browns. They lost to the Browns. The Eagles never beat the Seahawks, so they’ll beat the Seahawks. In a normal season I might buy into that sort of logic. It would be just like the Eagles to lose to the Giants and Browns and then finally beat the Seahawks after six straight losses. But honestly I’ll be shocked if that happens. I know the Seahawks are allowing 29 points per game, but based on what I’ve seen from Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz lately, I don’t think the Eagles have 29 points in them against anybody Monday night. And when you look at the way Russell Wilson is playing, even if the Eagles do score 29, I’d expect the Seahawks to score 30. The Eagles haven’t beaten an established NFL quarterback this year, and they’re not going to beat the NFL MVP.

Seahawks 33, Eagles 26

Dave Zangaro (3-7)

I got fooled last week looking at that Browns game and I’m not making that mistake again. I won’t pick the Eagles until they show me something again. I don’t expect that to be this week. Sure, on paper the Seattle pass defense should be able to help Carson Wentz play better but I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s a reason this Seahawks team has beaten the Eagles in six straight. Even though both losses to the Seahawks last year were close, they still pulled them out. The Eagles are now without Lane Johnson for the season and Zach Ertz needs another week to get back on the field.


The Seahawks have a good offense and I just can’t see the Eagles’ offense keeping pace with it on Monday.

Seahawks 28, Eagles 21

Ray Didinger (4-6)

Well, the Washington Football Team finally put an end to that "The Eagles are still leading the division" nonsense. The Eagles are no longer leading the NFC East and I don't expect them to see first place again for the remainder of the season. For a long time I felt they were a team playing badly. Now I think they are just a bad team. There is a difference.

The offense is broken and the coaches seem incapable of fixing it. Each week Doug Pederson talks about getting Carson Wentz out of the pocket but there he was last Sunday standing flat footed in the end zone and getting sacked for a safety. Pederson's bumbling comments this week about his quarterback plans moving forward raised more questions about whether he was considering a switch to Jalen Hurts. It sounds like a call to the bullpen might be coming soon.

Hey, cheer up. At least it is not the Phillies bullpen.

I do expect Wentz to start Monday's game and I think he should. Clearly, he is in need of a confidence boost and the Seahawks defense -- ranked 32nd against the pass, allowing 70 per cent completions -- might be the right opponent at the right time. The Rams’ Jared Goff was struggling a few weeks ago until he faced the Seahawks. He had a big game (27 for 37, 302 yards) and got on a roll that saw him go down to Tampa the next week and beat Tom Brady. I'd stick with Wentz for now but I don't think it will be enough to win the game.

Seahawks 28, Eagles 20

Barrett Brooks (4-6)

The Seahawks are coming off an impressive win over the division rival Cardinals. They are now entering the easiest portion of their schedule playing the Eagles, Giants, and the Washington Football Team. The Seahawks are a well-coached team so I can’t see them relaxing due to the level of competition and playing down to the Eagles.

The Eagles are entering the hardest portion of their schedule with Seahawks, Saints and the Cardinals. Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz have never beaten Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Both head coaches are deemed players coaches and relationships with players are the key to them leading their teams. Pederson and Wentz’s dynamic has been the focus of a lot of talk in the media lately. I don’t think there is a threat of Carson being benched anytime soon, but I do think there should be some discussion on in-game benching when Carson’s play is as bad as it's been. At times this season, Carson has played worse than any QB that has dressed in a game in 2020. There has to be some repercussions for this unacceptable play. What will be telling for me is the number of QBs that dress in Monday nights game. If both Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld dress Monday night, I think Carson will be held accountable for bad play and he may end up watching the game for some snaps.


So even though the Eagles have not beaten Seattle in the past five years, this will be their first time. The pressure put on Carson to perform will finally work in his favor. He will win the head to head battle against Russell. Eagles finally beat the Seahawks at home on Monday night.

Eagles 22, Seahawks 17

Mike Mulhern (5-5)

It can’t be understated how much then-Seahawk Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Carson Wentz last January altered the course of history for the Eagles. Perhaps Wentz wins that playoff game, finally getting the monkey off his back. Doug Pederson racks up another postseason victory under his belt despite fielding an injury-ravaged roster yet again.

Instead, a third straight postseason was completed with Wentz on the sidelines, which no doubt played a huge factor in the drafting of Jalen Hurts. Now calls for Hurts to take the reins have reached a deafening level and Pederson’s future is even coming into question.

Less than a year later this feels like both Wentz’s last stand to keep his starting job and for a brutal season to keep from spiraling completely out of control. On paper, it’s nearly impossible not to pick the Seahawks. The Eagles have never beaten Russell Wilson, the defense figures to have their hands full with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, and the offense simply can’t get out of its own way. I think Pederson will have his team ready to play and Wentz will quiet the calls for his benching, but they’ll simply be outclassed in the end.

Seahawks 27, Eagles 23

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