JJAW destroyed his finger against the Cowboys and it's totally gross


JJ Arcega-Whiteside certainly hasn't gotten much support from Eagles fans lately, especially after he dropped what would have been an easy touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

But it turns out there's a pretty understandable reason why that ball slipped through his hands.

One of his fingers was completely obliterated!

JJAW's mother Valorie revealed on Twitter Tuesday night that he "tore the ligaments and tendons in his finger" on the first play of the game.

She even shared a photo of the damage.

If you don't like gross finger injuries, now's your time to turn away.

Pretty gnarly.

JJAW may not be living up to expectations after being drafted in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, but the fact that he continued playing with an injury that gross is pretty impressive.

Credit where credit's due. Playing with a deformed finger probably isn't as easy as some may think.