As the Super Bowl aired Sunday, we couldn't help but notice the amount of Philly ties that popped up during the commercials. So of course, we thoroughly went through every commercial once more to see if we missed any. Turns out, there were a few, as some were much more obvious than others.

Now, while you’re processing the end of another NFL season, take a look at what we found.


The end of this commercial featured the famous Rocky steps and a runner in grey sweats just like the signature moment from the film. With the classic Twisted Sister song "I wanna rock," playing in the background, Chris Rock reveals himself to be the runner.

This had everyone instantly thinking about where Sly Stallone could be … and Facebook was one step ahead of us. Stallone makes his way into frame for a few seconds and it was the perfect amount of nostalgia for all of those Rocky fans out there.

Carli Lloyd

Secret Deodorant’s ‘Kick Inequality’ ad surfaced on social media a few days before the Super Bowl but it turns out, they weren’t the only ones who were impressed with Lloyd's skills. In Facebook’s commercial previously mentioned, she is seen kicking yet another field goal.

And to think both were inspired by a field goal from the Delran native that took place following an Eagles practice.



“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Charlie Day had quite an extensive amount of air time throughout the broadcast with Tide’s "Super Bowl now, Laundry later" commercials.



This one has no ties to Philly aside from the fact the star of the commercial lost in Super Bowl LII to the Eagles with a final score of 41-33 … remember? I think you do.  

Tom Brady teased the commercial on his social media a few days prior to the big game and speculations of him retiring immediately surfaced. Was Brady really going to announce his retirement during a Super Bo-actually, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But like he says in the commercial … he isn’t going anywhere.

Basically, the internet broke because Brady posted an image to tease a commercial about Hulu having more than just live sports.


When putting this together, it made me think about how Pennsylvania has more than one famous groundhog. Does any other state even have one? I don’t know what to do with this information.

Anyways, Jeep easily had one of the best commercials of the night starring Bill Murray. The commercial took us back to 1993 and the film "Groundhog Day," with a few modern twists.

And if you enjoyed the commercial that much, Jeep also released an extended version of the one that aired.



The Hyundai-owned Genesis commercial featured power couple John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen.

But how does this commercial have anything to do with this post?

Well, Legend is an alumni of the University of Pennsylvania … so there you go.

Did you know that Legend was offered admission to Harvard and scholarships to Georgetown University as well? Goes to show you that no one can turn down the best place in the world, even if Harvard wants you.

Sabra Hummus

Sabra had quite an interesting cast … having just about every person who went viral in 2019 and then some. There was a quick cameo at the end of Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and they were there to do what they do best, cause a scene and flip a table.   

I thought that would have been the closest thing to a Philadelphia tie in this commercial, but it didn’t end there. Kyle Giersdorf from Montgomery County made an appearance as well. Who is Giersdorf, you might ask? He’s none other than Fortnite's first solo world champion. After winning in the final round of "Fortnite: Battle Royale," this past summer, the teen took home a $3 million cash prize. Yes. $3 million.

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