Ex-Cowboys coach clowns Jerry Jones for his Eagles opinion


Jerry Jones confused the entire football world this month when he said he preferred where the Cowboys currently stand in the NFL compared to where the Eagles and Rams stand.

Jones was trying to make a comment on the all-or-nothing approach of going for broke in a given season vs. Dallas' attempts to build a sustainable winner.

And while the Cowboys have been pretty competitive for years now... the Rams won a Super Bowl last year, the Eagles won a Super Bowl five years ago, and the Eagles are back in the Super Bowl again this year. Meanwhile, Dallas hasn't reached a Super Bowl in literal decades.

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It was pretty circuitous thinking from Jerruh, and apparently the man who brought the Cowboys much of their former glory disagrees with Jones' thinking.

Jimmy Johnson gave the Philadelphia Inquirer this week in Phoenix his thoughts on Jones' view of team building, and specifically the Eagles' approach:

"Johnson said the comments were so laughably off-the-mark that he received a call from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, asking what Jones was talking about.

"'I said, 'I have no idea,'[...] Philadelphia has a couple of first-round picks in the [upcoming] NFL Draft. They've got extra picks down the road. They've got some very talented players. They've got some talented young players.



"'I think the Philadelphia Eagles are gonna be good for a long time.'"

That's right, Jimmy.

It's funny to see Johnson, who won two of Jones' three Super Bowls with Dallas, call out his former boss for his blatantly ridiculous reasoning.

Jones has Johnson to thank for much of his early-career resume as owner of the Cowboys, who since 1995 are 5-12 in the postseason and haven't so much as reached a conference championship game.

But hey, if Jones thinks this is prudent team building, he can feel free to continue down this path. I don't think Eagles fans will mind.