Facing Tom Brady has Nick Foles reminiscing about Super Bowl


The Chicago Bears are hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football, which will give us an exciting rematch: Nick Foles vs. Tom Brady. 

The last time these two guys played in a meaningful game, you remember what happened. 

Nick Foles became Super Bowl LII MVP and Tom Brady was handed a devastating loss that he might still not be over. 

Anyway, Foles is with the Bears now and Brady is with the Bucs, so tonight’s game will create a bit of history. 

And it also led to a few questions this week about Brady and Super Bowl LII for Foles in Chicago. 

“Obviously, Tom’s a tremendous player and had a lot of success in this league,” Foles said. “One of the greatest of all time at the quarterback position. We played against each other really just one time and then a little preseason. Obviously a great competitor and look forward to playing him on Thursday.”

You’ll probably remember that Brady didn’t shake Foles’ hand after Super Bowl LII finished and that became a bigger storyline than either of them probably anticipated. In fact, both of them were in agreement that the handshake that wasn’t should not have been a story. 

In any case, six months later, Brady and Foles finally shook hands before a preseason game in Foxboro. 


Earlier this week, the Foles vs. Brady matchup led to a reporter asking Foles which moment from that Super Bowl stood out the most. 

His answer was typical of the Philly folk hero:

“Just the people you do it with,” Foles said. “I think that after a game like that, your life has obviously changed just because of being a Super Bowl champ. But I just remember when I was holding my daughter Lily and just looking out at my teammates and coaches and they’re embracing their family and loved ones, I just remember thinking ‘that’s what it’s about.’ It’s not even about the game. It’s about the people you do it with and the hard journey you go on, the ups and downs. When you win, everything’s great. When you lose, it’s all criticism. 

“You finally, at the end of the journey, get to just sit there with everyone you went through all that with and just have that moment. That’s what I talk about when I say like a locker room and building relationships. If you’re ever blessed to win a Super Bowl or do anything, you’ll realize it’s not even about the trophy or anything. It’s taking a moment, looking at the people next to you and saying, ‘man, what we overcame, what we did was truly special because of the people in this building.’ And it takes everyone. 

“That’s where coming to work every day at Halas (Hall), great people that want to work and want to get better and enjoy being around each other. That’s what I cherish about that day and that’s what I remember. And that’s really why I play the game is the people.”