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Fire Gannon? You'll change your mind after you read this story

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PHOENIX - If Jonathan Gannon still couldn’t win over Eagles fans with a record-setting pass rush, the NFL’s top-ranked pass defense and a ferocious, physical group that allowed just 14 points in two playoff games on the way to the Super Bowl, the video should do the trick.

If you haven’t seen it, Gannon was recorded before the NFC Championship Game screaming out his car window to a group of Eagles fans, “We’re gonna f—ing gut these guys.”

And they did.

The Eagles rolled to a 31-7 win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, earning a trip to Super Bowl LVII Sunday in Arizona.

At Media Night Monday at the Footprint Center, Gannon spoke for the first time about the incident … and lots more.

The backstory?

“I was driving into the NovaCare Complex at like 7:30, 8 o’clock for a workout and to do the call sheet, but the ramp (from I-95) was blocked,” he said. “So this cop sees me and he’s like, “Jonathan, follow me, and I’ll get you to the NovaCare. So we’re driving up Broad Street and it’s jammed up and he’s getting me through and then some fans kind of see what’s going on and so then they recognize me and they start shouting, ‘Hey, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’

“There was a theme that we had all week and so I rolled down my window and I kind of said our theme. I had no idea I was getting videotaped obviously, but I love our fans and the passion they have.”


There might not be anything Gannon could have done more to change the “Fire Gannon” narrative than curse out his car window a few hours before kickoff of the biggest game of the year.

Leading one of the best defenses in the NFL should have been enough, but it hasn’t been.

For some reason, it’s been difficult for Gannon to win over a significant measure of fans despite putting an elite product on the field week after week.

Gannon spoke about it Monday night for the first time.

“You know me, be where your feet are and you hear me talk about it all the time about external factors, and we talk to our players about that – you don’t want to listen to external factors good and bad,” he said. “Because it affects your psyche, good or bad, what people say about you.

“So I practice what I preach to those guys. I don’t listen to that. I don’t read that. All I’m concerned with is getting better every day and what the head coach, the owner and the G.M. and the players (think). That’s what I’m concerned with.”

But he is aware of it.

“I went into a restaurant with my kids and I started getting dog-cussed one time and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s interesting.’ We won five games in a row.

“But that’s the city, and that’s why I love it here. I honestly love that passion our fans have, and I’m glad we could get to this spot, and I’m sure they’re all behind us now.”

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