Is Cox's Twitter activity a message about Hurts decision?


The story of the day - and of the week, and of the rest of 2020 - is the Eagles' decision to put Carson Wentz on the bench in Week 14 and start rookie Jalen Hurts at quarterback.

It could be a one-week breather for Wentz, or it could be a long-term message on his disastrous season and his status as the face of the franchise.

It's never easy to put a franchise QB on the bench, and it's a decision that will likely ruffle some feathers within the organization. Is it possible that one person unhappy with the decision is... the team's second-highest-paid player?

On Tuesday afternoon, radio station 94WIP posted a simple Twitter graphic: like for Carson Wentz, retweet for Jalen Hurts. It's inherently biased towards Wentz, because likes are more common than retweets, so the outcome of the informal poll isn't very reflective of Eagles fans' feelings.

But it was indeed notable when Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox decided to chime in on the Twitter exercise:



Is it possible Cox didn't mean for the "like" to be a response to the poll, and was instead using his "like" to keep tabs on doubters the way athletes often do? Absolutely. Just ask Sixers star Ben Simmons about that tactic.

But it's also absolutely possible that Cox used the power of his "like" to vote for Wentz, which could be his way of making his opinion on the move known. Athletes as famous as Cox know their social media activity is always being watched by sports fans for any tidbit of inside information; this was no accident.


Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, who was in charge of making the move to Hurts, had this to say Tuesday about Wentz's feelings about the decision:

"Carson is like all of us right now, he's disappointed. He's frustrated," Pederson said to the team’s website. "He's been a professional through it all. He supports his teammates and that's what you want to see from him, the leader of the team. I know sometimes the quarterback gets a lot of the blame like the head coach does. It's the good with the bad."

Wentz has been with the Eagles for the better part of five seasons, helped them on the road to a Super Bowl in 2017, has fought through multiple injuries, and is by most accounts a very good guy. It's not surprising that someone like Cox wouldn't be happy seeing Wentz benched.

But the quarterback's play has warranted it, and now we get to see what Hurts has in store.

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