Former All-Pro explains why Eagles are NFC's best team


The Eagles' time as a dark horse Super Bowl contender is over.

After Monday night's demonstrative national television win over the Vikings in South Philly, the Birds are officially on everyone's radar. Jalen Hurts is legit, the weapons are stacked, the defense is dangerous, and everything is clicking through two weeks.

With a strong start and a favorable schedule, it's not too early to start dreaming about playoff seeding - and one former All-Pro believes the Birds are in prime position to outpace the rest of the NFC.

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Jeff Saturday, the two-time All-Pro center and Super Bowl XLI champion, was asked Tuesday morning on ESPN's 'Get Up' for his take on the Eagles after the win and he didn't hold back in his assessment:

"They are the best team in the NFC right now, and it's not close. They are a physically dominating football team as well. When you think about offensive line and defensive line, we've talked about this ad nauseam [...] this team, not only do they throw it for 330, they run it for 180 and it's like it's no big deal. And again, when you have a quarterback who's part of the run game like Hurts is it opens up avenues that other teams don't have. This has all been - Howie Roseman has done a fantastic job of pieces and parts, but the way it's come together you give [Nick] Sirianni a ton of credit. He's got all these guys headed in the right direction."


That's right, Jeff Saturday.

Outside of the fact that we've only seen this Eagles team play 120 minutes of football so far, it's hard to poke holes in his arguments.

The Eagles are absolutely a physically dominating team, and that's by design. Howie Roseman has been both practicing and preaching the importance of dominance in the trenches for a decade now, and those investments are paying off big time. 

Having an O-line that moves opposing defenders off their spots regularly, when your QB is as mobile and dangerous as Jalen Hurts, is a combination that's near-impossible to stop. And while they only got home twice on Monday night, the defensive line looked much more aggressive - and successful - this week, a trend that will ideally continue to improve as the season goes along and the personnel settles in even more.

Then you add in Hurts' abilities as a playmaking dual-threat QB and Sirianni's knack for fitting his offense around his pieces, and it's hard not to feel good about this Eagles team.

Tom Brady still exists, the Rams are reigning champs, and the Packers can be spicy... but right now I agree with Saturday: I like the Eagles' chances in the NFC.