Gannon finally addresses Eagles’ Super Bowl loss


INDIANAPOLIS — After the Eagles lost in Super Bowl LVII, defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon stayed behind in Arizona to interview for the Cardinals’ head coaching job and he got it.

Since Gannon wasn’t available for interviews after the game, there hadn’t been an opportunity to ask him about the crushing 38-35 loss to the Chiefs.

Until Tuesday.

Now the head coach of the Cardinals, Gannon spoke to reporters at the NFL combine on Tuesday afternoon. Amid plenty of questions about his new job, Gannon was also asked several questions about the devastating Super Bowl loss, starting with one about that disastrous second half.

So … what happened?

“They made a lot of good plays in that second half,” Gannon said. “We weren’t able to get some stops when we needed to. I obviously could have done a better job of coaching a couple things that I want out of the calls. Tough to swallow when you look back at that because it’s such a big stage and we didn’t get it done for the city, for Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie for Howie (Roseman) and for [head coach Nick Sirianni].

“But learned a lot from it. You gotta give credit to Kansas City but obviously I could have done a lot better job with some of the things were were doing.”

As you might remember, the Eagles had a 10-point lead going into halftime but the Chiefs scored on all four of their second-half possessions — touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, field goal — to win the game and hoist the Lombardi Trophy.


Looking back on the loss, what would Gannon have done differently?

“Just how we set up a couple calls situationally,” he answered. “I could have done a better job with that. And really that’s what it came down to. I think, situationally, could have put our guys in a better spot than I put them in.”

That takes care of some of the in-game decision-making. But Gannon was then asked about his game plan going into the Super Bowl against the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, who was surgical in the game.

But by that point on Tuesday, Gannon was over answering for the disappointing performance in Super Bowl LVII.

“Yeah, I’ve answered two questions about that. I’m sorry I’m going to not talk about that one,” Gannon said. “But I’ve kind of moved on from that. As always, guys, when you’re the leader of a unit or the leader of a team, everything that goes on out on that field is my responsibility. And obviously them scoring what they scored, how they second half went, I didn’t do a good enough job.”

The Gannon era in Eagles history is going to be remembered as a weird one. His defense played pretty well all season and even ranked second in yards per game in 2022. But he became pretty unpopular among fans and their greatest fear was realized on the biggest stage in the sport.

It’s fair to wonder if any team could have stopped the Chiefs in that game. But all we know is that Gannon’s defense certainly couldn’t in the second half.

Gannon has already moved on as a head coach in the NFL and the Eagles have moved on too. On Tuesday, they hired former Seahawks and Bears assistant coach Sean Desai to be their next defensive coordinator.

Any advice for the next guy?

“It’s a great job. I wouldn’t have any advice,” Gannon said. “Go in there and be you and make sure the players understand why you’re doing things. Because that is a fantastic room Howie has built, high football character guys. They want to win and they want to improve. I would say go be you and do a good job.”

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