Full first-round order for 2023 NFL Draft finally set


With Super Bowl LVII in the rearview mirror, we now know the complete order for the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Eagles will pick at No. 30 since they were the runners-up on Sunday, and the Chiefs will finish the first round with the No. 31 overall pick since they’re the reigning champions. The Eagles will also pick at No. 10 since they acquired the Saints’ selection in a trade from last year. Picks Nos. 1-29 had already been set, since every other team in the league had their season end earlier.

Of course, we’ve known for a long time that the Bears control the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. What we still don’t know is what they’ll do with it.

There have been several reports that GM Ryan Poles will try to trade the highly-coveted pick away to a QB-needy team. There’s an opportunity for Poles to do that and stay in the top-four, as well. Both the Texans (No. 2) and Colts (No. 4) are expected to be in the market for a QB and could end up bidding against each other because they’re division rivals. If that’s the case, many believe the Bears will have the opportunity to draft a high-impact defensive player like Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Of course, if the Bears have their hearts set on one player over the rest, they could decide to stay put and pick at No. 1. There’s a chance they trade back twice, if they’re not thrilled with any of the options available whenever they’re on the clock again.


Here’s the full NFL draft order for the first round:

No. 1: Chicago Bears
No. 2: Houston Texans
No. 3: Arizona Cardinals
No. 4: Indianapolis Colts
No. 5: Seattle Seahawks (via Broncos)
No. 6: Detroit Lions (via Rams)
No. 7: Las Vegas Raiders
No. 8: Atlanta Falcons
No. 9: Carolina Panthers
No. 10: Philadelphia Eagles (via Saints)
No. 11: Tennessee Titans
No. 12: Houston Texans (via Browns)
No. 13: New York Jets
No. 14: New England Patriots
No. 15: Green Bay Packers
No. 16: Washington Commanders
No. 17: Pittsburgh Steelers
No. 18: Detroit Lions
No. 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No. 20: Seattle Seahawks
No. 21: Los Angeles Chargers
No. 22: Baltimore Ravens
No. 23: Minnesota Vikings
No. 24: Jacksonville Jaguars
No. 25: New York Giants
No. 26: Dallas Cowboys
No. 27: Buffalo Bills
No. 28: Cincinnati Bengals
No. 29: New Orleans Saints (via 49ers → Dolphins→ Broncos)
No. 30: Philadelphia Eagles
No. 31: Kansas City Chiefs

The Dolphins were slated to have the No. 21 pick in this year's draft, but it was stripped of that pick, along with a 2024 fourth-rounder, last August after an NFL investigation found that the organization violated league policies “pertaining to the integrity of the game.”

The first night of the draft is April 27.